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We must manage our resources with more prudence or face economic decline – Buhari

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buhariState House Press Release – President Muhammadu Buhari Tuesday in Abuja urged Nigerian accountants to support his administration’s efforts to restore

greater probity, prudence, transparency and respect for financial regulations to the management of national resources.

Speaking at an audience with members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) at the Presidential Villa, President Buhari warned that with declining prices of oil exports which remain the mainstay of the national economy, Nigeria must begin to properly manage its available resources or face developmental stagnation and decline.

“You should help us to go back to the days of real accountability in the management of public funds.

“The annual audits of government MDAs which your members undertake must be taken more seriously. People must be made to properly account for whatever government funds are entrusted to their supervision.

“Let your audit reports on our MDAs be thoroughly, professionally and dispassionately done to ensure greater probity in the  management of our national resources and sustainable development,” the President told the ICAN delegation led by Otunba Samuel Olufemi Deru.

The ICAN President hailed the renaissance of the nation’s value system and the reinvigoration of the war against corruption which are being witnessed under President Buhari’s leadership.

“The values you hold dear – those of integrity, transparency and accountability – are the foundation of the accountancy profession.

“It is therefore heartening and commendable that you are engaging our members and their firms in the anti-corruption crusade.

“We pledge our collective and institutional support for your unparalleled commitment to build a caring, secured, politically united and economically prosperous nation that will be the pride of Africa,” he told President Buhari.


Femi Adesina

Special Adviser to the President


(Media & Publicity)

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