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Wanted: Maximum Security for Mr. President As Corruption Fights Back

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Joe IgbokweAs President Buhari digs in without looking back in fighting corruption in Nigeria, corruption is ferociously fighting back like a wounded lion. The most corrupt

political party in Africa and the world, PDP was the first to start the blackmail and intimidation. What the brigands tell us is that the President should hit the ground running and stop chasing shadows.

 When it suits them, the idiots in PDP tell us that President Buhari is clueless and unprepared for the big business of governance and hence the pretence to be fighting corruption. In another development they tell us that Boko Haram has killed more people in a very short time when compared with the same time frame during Jonathan’s tenure. 

Soon the ‘Pay me I write for you’ diaspora internet warriors in Jonathan’s camp joined the foray in hitting at Mr. President to form his cabinet as a matter of urgency and give them what he promised. The charge and bail lawyers and charge and write writers among them said the president’s inability to appoint his cabinet three weeks after being sworn in clearly shows unseriousness and unpreparedness on the part of the President who prepared for leadership for sixteen years. 

They are angry. They are frustrated and frightened. Jonathan made heavy investment on them to help him to realize his dream of governing Nigeria for 10years but the project crashed like a pack of cards. They are yet to come to terms with what hit them. Pains, tears, abusive languages, hate speech and name calling have become their ways of life these days.

Frustrated left and right they sought the help of General Abulsalami’s Peace Committee to intervene to rescue them from the bottomless pit they are going into. The Peace Committee moved in with their blackmail and intimidation also to suppress the anti-corruption machine of Mr. President. Hear them: “I think what we are concerned about is the process (of fighting corruption). It is no longer a military regime and under our existing laws, everybody is innocent until proven guilty”.

The yeye Peace Committee spoke about former President Jonathan’s commitment and his spectacular deeds as president, whatever that means. But when we look back to see the deep rot in the system and reckless looting of every strata of our institutions, the so called spectacular stuff in Jonathan’s deeds varnish into the thin air.

Now enter Professor Nwabueze and Ohaneze Ndigbo. After sharing Jonathan’s billion of naira and dollars to help him win an election he was bound to lose they have resorted to their own arm twisting and subterfuge. They insist that President Buhari must start his war on corruption from the days of IBB in 1985(30years ago). 

After abusing President Buhari, after accusing him of being a Boko Haram sponsor, after denying him of votes from the South East and South South, they are setting an agenda for President Buhari. They are now shamelessly dictating to Buhari what to do after selling their votes for a mess of porridge. After marginalizing themselves politically, Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu and his shameless hungry politicians in Ohaneze are now complaining of marginalization of Igbo. 

How many votes did Igbo give to President Buhari? Did we not tell them that Jonathan will not win this election? Did they listen to us? Did they hear us? They abused and shouted us down. Now, you cannot eat your cake and have it. Please go to where you took your bath and pick your clothes. You political idiots have ruined and destroyed Igboland with your greed and political naivety. If you call your boat a useless boat, children will use it to play. Woe betides a nation whose leaders are children. I thank God that APC South East has risen to rebuke the children in Ohaneze for defending Jonathan who ran the most fraudulent and corrupt regime in the world today. 

According to Mr. Osita Okechukwu, the South East APC spokesperson “We have yet to find any sentence where any of them, even our revered icon, erudite, and constitutional lawyer Professor Ben Nwabueze, in any form denied the mindless, pervasive and unbridles corruption which pervaded ex-president Jonathan’s regime”. There is nothing more to add than to ask Ndigbo and the children in Ohaneze to move on with life and borrow a leaf from Ijaw nation that had moved on since May 29 2015.

President Buhari has been stunned into disbelief by the gamut of rot PDP left behind after 16years. According to Governor Oshiomhole: “If Nigerians know what these people did, they will stone them to death”. These scavengers were not interested in building Nigeria, they were not interested in creating jobs, they were not interested in moving Nigeria to join the human race, they cared less about what Nigeria becomes in future. They were only interested in their pockets. It was a big scramble to pocket anything in sight and damn the consequences. It was primitive accumulation of even what you do not need. It was bazaar. 

PDP leaders who were less than 0.5% of the population stole 80% of our common patrimony without caring a hoot. Others called it mindless looting, I call it total madness when people do not know when to say enough is enough. These mad people are ready to do anything to keep their loot. They are sleeping in the hospitals abroad pretending to be sick. They are using blackmail and subterfuge as a cover up to divert attention. They are shouting from the rooftop to deceive the gullible Nigerians and the world but there is hiding place for the enemy of progress. They want to run away from justice and keep the loot.

This is the reason why I want maximum protection for Mr. President. The world and concerned citizens of this country must help this President to succeed. Those who looted Nigeria for sixteen years are too two rich and too dangerous to be ignored. They can do anything to retain their loot. They can destabilize the government with their huge resources. They can topple the government of President Buhari if we do not do something tangible to protect the man.

If anything happens to the President now the war on corruption will come to a standstill and the looters will smile away. I know that God will keep President Buhari to do this great job but we have to do our own duty also by being vigilant. If you are surrounded by enemies, you must be vigilant all the time.

Joe Igbokwe


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