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Viral statement hailing Tinubu not from us — Christ Embassy


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Christ Embassy International, has dismissed a viral statement commending Mr Bola Tinubu, the president-elect.

The statement which has been circulating on social media was attributed to Chris Oyakhilome, president of Loveworld Inc., and Christ Embassy.

Oyakhilome was quoted to have described Tinubu as the man who God had favoured from the house of Pharoah.

According to the statement, the former Lagos governor who has been wrongly persecuted in the sight of Nigerians would be the key to transforming the country for greatness.

“Some of us supported VP Osinbajo during the contest within APC and I wrote severally against BAT and said it was the time for a new man,” the statement partly reads.

“They threw all manner of obstacles his way. I have not come across a man more vilified, but he overcame every formidable obstacle. For 8 years since he helped Buhari to win, the man suffered all manner of degradation. Only an angel could’ve manoeuvred what that man went through.

“All the powers that be worked against him, yet the man survived against all expectations. This is the man from the house of Pharaoh. He knows the system and has benefited from it. He knows where the mines are laid. I hope to God he knows what it is to live for history. He has had enough of everything.

“This man is no fool. He is cleverer than many of his opponents combined. All that remains for him is to carve his name in the books of history by living for the ordinary man. He has sought it so diligently. He can’t do it alone but can lead the way. Let’s rally around him.”

But while refuting the statement, the public relations department of Loveworld told TheCable in a statement that the viral endorsement did not originate from the organisation or the church.

Loveworld added that the claims had been circulating since March despite rebuttals from the church.

“Fake news. Totally unfounded. No video source, no audio source, it just materialised from thin air. It’s not from Pastor Chris,” the statement reads.


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