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VIDEO: Moment police used water canon to attack Rivers gov, Fubara


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The political war between governor Similanyi Fubara and his predecessor, Mr Nysom Wike is getting messier as police operatives on Monday fired water cannons directly at the governor along side his supporters.

Fubara who was at the House of Assembly complex to address his supporters came under attack by the police reportedly drafted to forestall breakdown of law and order.

Meanwhile, addressing his supporters, the embattled governor accused security agencies of compromise.

He spoke after Edie Edison, his strong ally, was booted out of his position as the Majority Leader of the Rivers House of Assembly.

Edie was reportedly removed after he allegedly frustrated initial attempt to impeach the governor Fubara.

Fubara who was hand picked by Wike to serve as the State governor, said he has not committed any offence that should warrant his impeachment.

However, he asked those after him to come out openly.

He said, “From what I have seen the security agency is even compromised. They were shooting at me directly but it doesn’t matter, somebody will die one day.

“When people here ask who is this Fubara? He is that man that was killed for his struggle. I am not against anybody. I’m not planning anything against anybody that I don’t know where these things are coming from.

“Let it be put on record that whoever masterminded this is trying to shift… I heard some people gathered to do whatever. That is purely rubbish. You can’t sit when there is problem and say you are doing anything. What are you doing? I’m the chief security officer. I’m the head of the government… whatever action that is taken here is null and void. For our good people, I know you are prayerful. You have been praying for me. God will see us to the end.”


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