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Unlike women, cheating men still love their spouses – Frank Edoho


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Mr Frank Edoho, the host of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, has said that it is possible for a man to cheat on his woman and still be in love with her.

The TV host said that a man can cheat even while still in love with his partner but it is “impossible” for a woman in love to cheat.

He said this when he featured as a guest in the latest episode of the Bahd And Boujee Podcast co-hosted by actress Moet Abebe and reality star Tolanibaj.

Edoho said, “A man can cheat and still be in love with this woman, not the woman he cheated with. But a woman can’t be in love with someone and go and cheat.”

The co-host, Abebe rebuffed, “I disagree. Uncle, no! I feel that there are women who can cheat without any emotional attachment. They are just cheating for whatever reason because they want to. And they also exude masculine energy.”

Edoho insisted, “Let’s talk about the aftermath [of cheating]. After a woman cheated and found out that the sex was fantastic, are you going to tell me that you will still be in love with your partner the same way and not have a little bit of that love go to the other guy? I rest my case.”

Edoho also revealed during the show that he has never been sacked from any job before.

He stated this while reacting to speculations that he was dismissed by the organisers of the popular television quiz, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’.

According to him, he stopped hosting the quiz because the organisers rested on the competition.

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