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UNIZIK, the Vice-Chancellor, the family business

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Prof Nwakobi It is a burden too much to bear that Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka [UNIZIK] has turned into academic Yahoo-Yahoo by the imposed Vice-Chancellor [VC], Prof

Ahaneku Joseph, though he came a distant second during the screening of VC with 80 points, while the actual winner, Prof Nwakobi [picture above] won the VC with overwhelming 89.80 points.

Then, when they traded horses… when the game of who-know-who started… when the conspirators took charge… the “is” became “was”.

The fraud that enthroned Prof Ahaneku was as a conspiracy between Pius Anyim, the then Secretary to Federal Government who detested Anambra with great passion and always mutter and I quote “oge obuna ana aya ndi Anambra, aga eme ha mgbapuru” [All the time it is always Anambra people, are we going to continue living under their shadow or run away from their dominance?]

After the election of the VC of UNIZIK, when it was announced both on Radio and Social Media that Prof Nwakobi won and is the new VC ,the conspiracy gets hotter when PIUS ANYIM summoned the Governing Body of the University to Abuja and using his Influence as the Secretary to the Federal Government [a position he never used to help anywhere or any person in Igboland] to intimidate them, then gave them a marching Order that they must anoint AHANEKU by Fire and by force, after the meeting each of them were giving 10 million naira tax free money to enable them perfect the Devils conspiracy to the benefit of Pius Anyim  who  co-opted Sir Emeka Offor who is  in charge of his bidding .

Briefly, we should also note that these two are responsible for the same scheme going on at Okoh Poly but that is story for another day. Because that one stinks to high heaven ,the corruption going on out there can only be obtain in that School ,it is brutal and merciless but we defer it to another day ..

Since the days of Prof Egboka as the VC, the admission process was flawed with fraud and financial inducement, but since the entrance of Prof Ahaneku it metamorphosed into shameless and brutal exploitation.

The VC and the wife are running the university as a family Supermarket with price tag they deem fit; they plotted a high scheme that deprives qualified candidates the chances of entering the citadel of higher learning and they sale the slot and positions to Highest bidder or those that paid the agreed exorbitant kick back to the detriment of the poor family that cannot afford to pay such heavy bribe.

We are looking forward to see a better society and one filled with Academic brilliance but the same people we expected to be the pathfinders are the ones corrupted by the likes of Prof Ahaneku with his cash for everything mentality .

Despite the fact that Prof Ahaneku was on suspension pending the outcome of the Court judgement, he still ignored the suspension and continued in his family business that is ongoing.

Meanwhile, we should not forget our report earlier which I provide as:

“It’s on record that since the new VC Mr Ahaneku Joseph Emeremmadu took over the affairs of UNIZIK he has been carrying out anti-Anambra agenda as maybe designed by his masters from Imo State or those anti-Anambra masquerades.

“Check the students he gave admission into UNIZIK; more than 80% are from Imo State, and then see the latest post-UME for admission into the School.

[1] They configured the Computers which they used to shut down mid-exam for any candidate that hails from Anambra State.

[2] The results so far are yet to be released to enable him vet out many more Anambra names that skipped his doctrine of schism.

[3] The corruption inside UNIZIK is alarming; for instance, those that graduated but refused to “sort” or bribe remains at home, while those that paid the price are already on Youth Service.

“The VC has only one program to ruin the school for reasons best known to him but at the detriment of Anambra and in favor of Imo State.”

[Details here: UNIZIK, the VC, the Fraud and the Conspiracy!]

The Prevailing questions are:

Why is it that no Anambra person is on the board of UNIZIK ?does it mean we have no qualified people or also they are using the same formula that gave the northern Nigeria less than 60 as pass mark and UNIZIK 230?

Why should somebody that placed a distant second be used against the better person that won the election and screening?

Why is it that more than half of those sitting on the board had no university education? So how would they understand the job? Can a mechanic understand the job of a medical doctor? Is it not better to use those that have gone through the walls to manage the board? Giving somebody duties that is above him will only get the job half done!

As we are in time of change, is it not the time to change thing back to how it is supposed to be?

How can we all keep silent when the evil seed of exploitation are been planted in our citadel of higher learning in our state by a man that is not qualified to hold the position?

Posterity will not judge us fair if we refuse to right the wrongs in our society and door steps.

Mazi Odera

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