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UK star contracts Covid one month after she was vaccinated


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Michelle Heaton has revealed she, her husband Hugh Hanley and their two children have contracted coronavirus, one month after she had her first Pfizer jab.

Michelle Heaton and family

The Liberty X star, 41, who has underlying health issues, took to Instagram on Wednesday to thank the NHS for encouraging her to get the shot as nurses claimed she could have been hospitalised if she caught the virus before she was vaccinated.

Alongside a cheery image of her kids Faith, nine, and Aaron, seven, the singer said: ‘As a person with many underlying health issues I could have been a lot worse, or may be hospitalised. I’m doing OK, enough strength to tell the kids off anyway!’

It typically takes a few weeks for the body to build immunity after vaccination, with regulators insisting the best protection comes seven days after the second Pfizer dose, which is usually given three weeks after the first.

The personal trainer pointed out the irony that she had tested positive, despite being examined regularly when she took part in the Oxford trial last year.

The musician said: “Yesterday we found out that ALL four of us are Covid positive, after being randomly selected last year as part of the Oxford trail we regularly get tested, negative every week, until now!

“We know we don’t need to alert the world lol , however, it’s an opportunity to praise the #NHS. They spent the whole day reassuring us and meticulously covering all grounds of where one of us could have got it, also who could get it from us.

“Now that we have spoken to those who needed to be alerted … we wanted to say THANK YOU to the NHS! @nhsengland. And to to say #getthejab.’

The media personality expressed the importance of still staying safe amid the UK’s vaccine rollout.

TV star Michelle said: “I had the (Pfizer) jab a month ago – PROVING (NOT that it doesn’t work) but that we must ALL still be careful!”

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