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Twitter descends further into chaos as mass resignation hits tech giant


Twitter seems to have descended into deeper chaos since its new boss Elon Musk issued an ultimatum asking employees to commit to a “hardcore” working environment or accept a buyout.

Reports suggested that the move triggered a mass resignation at Twitter after which hashtags like “RIP Twitter” and “Damn Twitter” started trending on the platform.

While many users bid adieu to Twitter, some were reminded of Orkut, an old social networking site which shut down in 2014.

The Twitter fiasco evoked nostalgia for many users who recalled using Orkut through amusing memes and posts.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has broken his silence, amid rumors and reports that the website could potentially shut down.

Elon Musk Orders Twitter Staff To Work 84-Hour Weeks As 75% Of Employees Face Being Fired
Elon Musk

Musk, who bought Twitter earlier this year for over $40 billion, has courted a string of controversies in his weeks-long tenure at the website, both for changes to the platform’s Verification process, to multiple strings of layoffs among employees.

The latest round of layoffs reportedly arrived this week, after Musk gave remaining employees an ultimatum of either committing to long hours at the website, or resigning with three month’s severance. According to tech reporter Kylie Robertson, roughly 75% of employees have agreed to take the severance package, and Musk has subsequently revoked employee badge access and temporarily closed down Twitter’s offices to stop any potential sabotage.

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