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Trump joins TikTok, gains 1 million followers less than 24 hrs


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Former President Donald Trump has joined TikTok, the fast-growing social media platform with ties to China.

Mr Trump quickly received a million followers on TikTok within hours of joining the platform on Sunday.

Trump’s decision to join TikTok aims to reach younger voters in his third bid for the White House.

He faces a close race with Democratic incumbent Joe Biden ahead of the November 5 presidential elections.

In his first post on the social network, Trump posted a video after he attended an Ultimate Fighting Championship match in Newark, New Jersey, earlier in the evening.

Trump addressed viewers directly, saying it was an “honor” to be on the app. His message was followed by a montage of cheering UFC fans.

Though as president, Trump had attempted to ban the short video social media platform on national security grounds.

Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign is already active on TikTok even though he has signed a bill that would ban the app, used by 170 million Americans, if its Chinese owner ByteDance fails to divest it.

ByteDance is challenging in court the law requiring it to sell TikTok by next January or face a ban. The White House seeks to end Chinese-based ownership on national security grounds.

TikTok argues it will not share US user data with the Chinese government and has taken measures to protect user privacy.

Recall that Trump’s 2020 attempt to ban TikTok was blocked by the courts. In March, he called the platform a national security threat but said a ban would hurt young people and strengthen Meta Platforms’ Facebook, which he has criticized.

The former President has a significant social media presence with over 87 million followers on X and more than 7 million followers on his platform, Truth Social.


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