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Tripartite accord of Peter Obi, Kwankwaso & Soludo will win 2023 presidency


Tripartite accord concordia of Peter Obi, Rabiu Kwankwaso and Charles Soludo will be assured pathway to winning Nigerian presidency in 2023 election. This contribution will be short and direct, more like a summary.

The 2 major political parties in Nigeria, the All Progressive Party (APC) and People Democratic Party (PDP) may publicly dismiss the emergence of third force in national politics, though privately a lot of them are said to be very jittery.

No doubt the personality of Peter Obi and Rabiu Kwankwaso are the main forces driving the emerging third force speculation and perhaps reality, in Nigerian politics.

However, the question of whether the developing or emerging third force has national political structure to threaten the well-structured APC and PDP remains valid, even though it’s loudly dismissed by proponents and supporters of Peter Obi/Datti Ahmed and Rabiu Kwankwaso.

The proponents tend to point at data of sufferings in Nigeria and disenchanted masses, as antidote to their lack of established national political structure in-place.

Well, granted the fact that internet has changed almost everything on this planet earth, 2023 presidential election will determine whether the internet wave is applicable in convoluted geographical entity called Nigeria.

Convoluted geographical entity, because nothing about Nigeria is normal and nothing about Nigeria flow with common-sense. Besides, Nigeria has very huge tribal problems. Nigeria could be best described as a highly tribal nation. It’s too deeply tribalistic, it destroyed and is still destroying nation-building.

Peter Obi Needs to Urgently Make Peace with Charles Soludo

Without going into details, Peter Obi has what could best be called Soludo problem, and he needs to resolve it through closed doors dialogue, as soon as possible to avoid serious damage to 2023 presidential election project.

It’s best described as a political problem or unsettled political score, and despite past intrigues, Charles Soludo has eventually emerged as Governor of Anambra State, despite all intrigues. It’s pay-back time.

But for ‘Maka Odi-Mma Ndigbo’, Soludo could be talked into shielding his sword because of bigger overriding national interest. Enough said!!!

Rescue Mission: Tripartite Accord Concordia of Obi/Kwankwaso/Soludo

But realistically beyond selfishness and posturing, Peter Obi, Rabiu Kwankwaso and Charles Soludo teams need to conduct Supreme Political Retreat (SPR), they need to sit-down behind closed doors and fashion out political Accord Concordia to save Nigeria.

The Accord Concordia will also be a sort of Mutual Assured Victory (MAV) for the third force in national politics of Nigeria. Since Shehu Shagari NPN and Nnamdi Azikiwe NPP could do it to save the day in 1979; Peter Obi Labour Party and Rabiu Kwankwaso New Nigeria People Party and Charles Soludo All Progressive Grand Alliance could do it in 2022/2023.

Anything other than Supreme Political Retreat in bedrock of Accord Concordia that will result in Mutually Assured Victory will be regrettable and irreversible political blunder for all. The alternative will be Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD).

The template for tripartite Accord Concordia is there, and must be utilized. It will be Rescue Mission model. And the time is NOW!

Bluntly put, if Peter Obi/Datti Ahmed presidential team could successfully resolve, agree and align with Rabiu Kwankwaso and Charles Soludo, their pathway to victory at the polls in 2023 presidential election will be more assured. Read more.

Bonaventure Ezekwenna
B. A. Political Science, Herbert H. Lehman College of City University of New York. Dual citizen of Nigeria/USA. Business development specialist, resides in New York, currently in Nigeria on business development mission.
Non-partisan observer of socio-economic and political developments in Nigeria.


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