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Tinubu Family’s Money Laundering Scandals Update…

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An unemployed 22 year-old bought a $2.4m penthouse in New York. Paid cash.

Her sister, an unemployed 25 year-old bought a $2.2m townhouse in New York. Paid cash.

Their brother a semi-unemployed 36 year-old with a drug habit, bought an $11m mansion in London. Paid cash.

Their father is a known drug kingpin with a heroin trafficking asset forfeiture on record, who maintains close ties to active figures in West African cocaine smuggling.

This is what some persons in Nigeria want to swear in as “president.”

Feature Image: Bola Tinubu’s discrete business ties with Alpha Condé and known Guinea drug lords has been published on News.Band

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The surprising thing is that the same people who investigated a sitting president’s PhD thesis at the University of Port Harcourt, and even tried to create controversy about whether he wrote it or not, are now insisting that a “president-elect” with a heroin trafficking conviction and a perjury case is fine.

In case you are unaware of who we are talking about simply search “Tinubu, perjury and drug” on this website news.band or on Google!

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