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Tinubu Behaves like Escobar while Insisting he is Not a Drug Baron…

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In the drug world, names like Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, Jorge Alberto Rodriguez, Griselda Blanco, Roberto Suárez Gómez, including the controversial Manuel Noriega, were regarded as among the most notorious in the illicit business.

But perhaps, Pablo Escobar Gaviria was the most notorious and about the richest within the circle. With over $30 billion rating in 1989, Forbes Magazine recognosed Escobar as the seventh richest man in the world.

Apart from making dirty money in excesses, drug lords exhibit a peculiar lifestyle. They go for whatever they want to and get it at all cost. Where they can’t buy it, they blackmail to have it. And when both fail, they kill without scruples. They also revel in living lives of being above the law. Escobar was an epitome of this lifestyle. He once burnt $2 million dollars just to keep his daughter warm during one of the times he was on the run.

Bola Tinubu sleeping during peace committee meeting in Abuja

Leave the real world for a moment and dwell on the fictitious and there is absolutely no difference. The movie, Scarface may have been fiction but a thoroughly researched lifestyle of drug lords showcased in perfect details. The language, the greed, the rough style, the excessive women indulgence, the blood flow, the excessive hunger to always be in control – were well scripted and delivered.

Then come home to our real world within the shores of Nigeria. Now, carefully go through the lifestyle of Nigeria’s ‘president-elect’. He is the only Nigerian that has taken bullion vans to his residence and the law enforcement agents looked the other way. Certainly, he is above the law!

The mysterious murder of Dr. Funsho Williams remains mysterious. Fingers continue to point at a certain direction but the security agents remained and remain uninterested.

Bullion vans filled with cash driving into the residence of Bola Tinubu on election day in 2019

Look at his foray into politics and the trajectory till today. How did he become the AD candidate? Drug-style… cause chaos in his opponents strongholds that ensured cancellation while his strongholds were peacefully conducted. Evil genius, right?

A man suspected and found worthy to be thoroughly investigated for heroin trafficking, found guilty that warranted a $460,000 forfeiture, became a governor of the richest state in Nigeria!

From the moment he stepped feet into power, he started and built his political empire ala drug-style, where despite all he siphoned out of Lagos State coffers within eight years of being the CEO, still went ahead to craft laws and documents that made Lagos eternally indebted to him and whoever he appoints to continue in power. Again, drug-style!

He found that with Nigeria’s system, as vulnerable as ever, that being in power was far more profitable than drug trade. He became a politician with the the blood of a drug lord. Hear him, “power is not served a la carte. You have to grab it, snatch it and run away with it.” Sounded more like Tony Montana!

Check out his background – nothing to hold as evidence of birth, parentage, age, educational qualification – all shrouded in doubts. And in all these, INEC cleared him from governor to the senate and finally the presidency! People were evidently being bribed or blackmailed all the way! What else is a better description of drug lifestyle?

He fashioned out how to single-handedly make one a president and brought Muhammadu Buhari out of retirement to prevent a sitting Nigerian president from a deserved second term. A first, but tactic was equally drug-style!

Of all these, his biggest atrocity is to plunge Nigeria into ethnic and religious divides. He found a willing ally in Northern Nigeria and decided to hell with Southeastern Nigeria. Smart, many would say but check the lifestyle once more.

Against all odds, he emerged his party’s flag bearer. His bold challenge to the sitting president that “it’s my turn” seemed to have done the magic. But grapevine informs that money, real huge sums greased palms while blackmail did the rest. Who received what and who was blackmailed with what may never become public knowledge but it is still same style.

Against all odds, he bulldozed his way through a rig-proof BVAS and forced INEC to declare him president-elect. Some sources say he parted with $250 million. Some others say the INEC chairman was blackmailed. A third opinion said it was both. All three opinions were united in agreement that the president-elect’s demand from INEC read, “just declare me winner anyhow and I will perfect it.”

The perfection started on March 18. An election Nigerians trooped out from every zone, state, ethnicity and religion to vote, this man used drug-style tactic to turn into ethnic and religious leanings.

Before then he made his ticket a Muslim-Muslim affair because he needed such divisive setting to stand a chance.

Now, he has stroked the fire of ethnic bigotry. His biggest obstacle being Labour Party’s presidential candidate, HE Peter Obi. Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his gang, incited, intimidated, maimed, killed a particular tribe in Lagos on March 18 just to attract a retaliation that would sprout a bloody chaos. Such chaos would lead him via his ethnic and religious leanings to keep a ‘mandate’ INEC delivered by hook and crook.

Give it to him, he chose his style and knows his business to the last draw. But everything has a life span. Tinubu’s time is up. His hirelings rigged the wrong election, an election the law permitted both bimodal accreditation and electronic transmission. He rigged the wrong man out. Obi has started a movement with a generation you cannot mess with.

Tinubu also has a terrible past. The United States will do everything but turn a blind eye to a man they confirmed a drug trafficker to become a president of a country that has over a million indigenes residing in the US with resident permits. The agent that did the investigation will turn up at the Tribunal all right and if it means nailing the Jagaban, he will not bathe an eyelid.

All Tinubu’s undercard drug-style preparations of nominating his kinsman to replace the retiring CJN, removing Igbo designer of BVAS for a Kogi State-born, will burst in his face this time.

There is enough evidence to stop this drug-style politics that has impoverished over 130 million Nigerians, shortchanged many, maimed plenty and murdered the rest.


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