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The Stolen Mandate: From Third World to First

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

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In their plan of legitimizing their crime against millions of Nigerians that appended their fingerprints for the Labour Party presidential candidate in the February 25th election, the APC chicanery cunningly placed the true winner of that election at third position and capped it off with “Go to court”.

For their criminal minds, the one placed as third position can’t bypass second position to be declared winner via court judgment.

And while the one they placed at second position is also challenging the declaration of Mr Bola Tinubu as ‘president-elect’ by INEC in Court, the APC with its evil machinations left the camp of HE Atiku Abubakar and PDP to chase HE Peter Obi and LP.

The author, Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo


Why is it Obi-Datti that comes out of their filthy mouths every now and then? Why not Atiku, why not Kwankwanso? Your guess is as good as mine! They knew it is Obi’s mandate which they stole. And they also knew very well that the man called Okwute has all solid evidence at his disposal to prove his win in court.

Believe me, if the Nigerian judiciary play fair and just with their judgment, and they have just better do, Obi-Datti mandate will be restored from third position to first from whence they shall embark on the enormous task of turning our country around from consumption to production economy, and with the foresight of uplifting the worsened state of Nigeria from third world economy to first, just as late HE Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore did for his people. Yes, Obi is coming!


Aaron writes for PO Express Media, POEM.


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