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The sins of Nasir El-Rufai in a hundred days in office

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el-RufaiToday marks a hundred days since the hurricane of change ushered in new leaders and players alike into the Nigerian political scene. To mark this day many individual

s and groups answered the call to examine the performance of their governments.

My assessment will focus on Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state [picture above]. 

A Kaduna-based Right advocacy group known as CEDRA, speaking through its leader, and a lecturer – Dr John Danfulani, has described the performance of Nasiru El-Rufai as a total disappointment to rule of Law.

Danfulani also posits that El-Rufai discredited his government the moment he appointed an internationally wanted man as his special adviser on foreign investments. 

According to Danfulani, searching the name Jimi Olabisi Lawal on Google will only make you to understand that Jimi Lawal’s name is soiled in so many financial and land scandals notably is the case of Alpha Merchant Bank as well as the fact that he is a wanted man in the United States. 

Going by this, it is clear that United States and her friends will only take a governor and a state that will work with Jimi Lawal as a fraudulent governor and an unserious state.

Also speaking, Danfulani pointed out that governor El-Rufai is out of touch with Democratic practice which is why he sent armed policemen to shoot at poor protesters who were protesting the imposition of one Hajiya Ladi as the sole admin of Chikun LG while some weeks later, he hired a crowd to show solidarity to his policies.

Spectators in the press briefing were not also left out and some were of the opinion that Retirements and appointments so far did not put ethno religious composition into consideration. 

To further validate this outcry, reference is drawn in the page 45 of the ASSESMENT OF FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE BY CEDRA where it is on record that of the 13 commissioners appointed, only four are Christians and the remaining 9 are Muslims. 

Also of note is that of the remaining permanent secretaries in the state, only three are Christians. Of the most senior and key officers of his administration, like chief of staff, principal private secretary, and Secretary to the state government, none of them is a Christian and from southern Kaduna.

This lopsidedness is now giving birth to hatred and further polarizing a very volatile state like Kaduna that is known for its ethno-religious skirmishes.

Hums in all the political parlances of southern Kaduna and Christian communities suggest that irredentism and bigotry they accused him of is gradually unfolding

Sabo Douglas Garba

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