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The Real reason Obiano visited Nigerian Stock Exchange

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 Chief Willie Obiano, governor of Anambra StateHaving squandered the money – seventy-five billion Naira – his predecessor, Mr. Peter Obi left for him, Chief Willie Obiano, governor of Anambra State, is facing

financial challenges.

[Chief Willie Obiano, governor of Anambra State, drinking away 75 billion Naira]

Right now, he is only able to pay workers’ salaries through overdrafts from banks.

After ringing the bell at the Nigerian Stock Exchange [NSE], which he visited recently, he held a closed-door meeting with the management of the Exchange on how Anambra State should raise money with the assistance of the Exchange.

Presently, Obiano is planning to raise 150 Billion Naira.

Though his predecessor did not borrow money, but Obiano needs money to finance his ostentatious life and the 1 billion Naira he collects monthly as security votes.

Furthermore, he needs money to continue his monthly vacation to the United States in chartered flights always.

To buttress the thinking of the Exchange, please read the comments from NSE as published:

“Commenting at the NSE closing gong ceremony, The Doyen of the Exchange, Mr. Sam Ndata, said the market is ready to support the Anambra state government in raising capital needed for infrastructure projects in the State.”

He added: “Rest assured that if Anambra State is set to raise Bond from the capital market, we are ready to assist you in raising the need funds for capital projects in Anambra State.”

It’s just as a blogger summarises it: “Anambra State is in trouble”.

Tony Umeh

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