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The Madness Called Augustine Ndigwe

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Augustine Ndigwe,victor umehWonders, as they say, shall never end in this present world where the perpetrators of crime are busy shouting thief, thief; in the present world where criminals

have abandoned all known decorum and decided to dance naked in the street. When madness leaves the confines of a home, that madness has become a public irreversible and incurable sickness. 

How more can one describe the un- necessitated and unwarranted vituperations of Augustine Ndigwe, on the person of Ohamadike Ndigbo, Chief Sir Victor Umeh. Augustine Ndigwe [pictured above], a well-known out law and villain, an outcast rejected and banished by his people, the good people of Awka for atrocious crimes that bother on everything evil.

The ranting of such an insignificant and irrelevant ant does not worth a reply from anyone for any reason, more or less a man of Ohamadike’s standing.

The truth of the matter is that Chief Sir Victor Umeh accommodated Augustine Ndigwe in the spirit of brotherhood and guidance against the wise advice of noble people. Ohamadike took on this responsibility as an extension of his duties as the National Chairman of APGA to reorient Augustine Ndigwe. This decision by Ohamadike to carry the tout Augustine Ndigwe along resulted in voters’ apathy against APGA in Awka North and South Local governments which are the stronghold in these areas.  This same man Ohamadike took great risks against all odds to rehabilitate and reabsorb Augustine Ndigwe believing that he will change, is the same that Augustine feels he can throw to the dogs by making unsubstantiated and frivolous allegations against. 

Chief Sir Victor Umeh

Asking the right questions, who is Augustine Ndigwe? He is a man that has over the years built a notorious reputation for himself inside and outside Awka. 

Ask any Awka person about Augustine Ndigwe, a man that has painted the prestigious and respected name of Awka ancient kingdom black by usurping the title, Uzu Awka. Augustine Ndigwe bullied the titled men of Awka Ancient Kingdom into giving him an abominable title name ever in Ozo history, Ozo Gidigbam-gidigbam, meaning a forceful usurper, just like an armed robber. Since then, Augustine upped his ambition by eyeing the sacred traditional stool of Eze Uzu. As a bully that he is, he is at war with Awka Development Union. His reason? He wants His Royal Highness, Eze Uzu Awka removed by crook. If it is not the grace of God on this revered traditional ruler, Augustine would have finished with him since to take over the sacred stool.

Augustine Ndigwe is a man with no known skill or qualification; a man that does not have the capacity to write his name or represent himself well in any gathering of minds and ideas. 

Augustine has used his closeness to Ohamadike to defraud so many people especially during the past elections. Ask the Federal House candidate for APGA, House of Assembly candidate and even a traditional ruler of one of the towns close to Awka. The stories of his bullish and criminal attitude abound everywhere. 

Augustine will not cross Imo State till Rochas leaves; he is a wanted man. 

The funny aspect of this man is that he is a well-known coward. Augustine runs into hiding during elections. He does not have the face to stand for anyone, he collected from all.   

What is the grouse that Augustine Ndigwe has with Ohamadike, Chief Sir Victor Umeh? Ohamadike stopped his ridiculous campaign to become the National Chairman of APGA. Tufiakwa!!! Is it for want of qualified and credible individuals, or for what? What qualification does this man have that gives him the audacity to think that Ohamadike Ndigbo will support his insulting ambition? For just thinking of becoming our National Chairman is an insult on Ndigbo and abomination against our sacred land. 

Augustine Ndigwe needs to have his brains checked, he had been going around telling people that he is a member of the Board of Trustees of APGA, how, when, and who made him?  

 Augustine Ndigwe consistently proved unrepentant with his negative activities, he feels that as “eneke” the bird that he has eaten enough that he can now challenge great and respected son of Igbo nation, Chief Sir Victor Umeh to a fight. This act is a clear evidence of madness gone public. Augustine Ndigwe has eventually fought with his future in anything good, he has murdered sleep and the consequences of his actions are obvious.

Just for exercise, what values would Augustine Ndigwe actually bring to the party? Thuggery, diabolism and intimidation! Who in their right senses will allow such a valueless being to be in such responsible position? The man will sell the party without any atom of care and make a jest of it in a beer parlour and public gatherings. The offense that Chief Sir Victor committed against Uzu is that he stopped him.

Uzu, as well-established, took to his trade-in-stock which is to blackmail, intimidate and bully, not the likes of Chief Sir Victor Umeh. In his wildest dreams, he believes that he can start a war between the Governor of Anambra State and Ohamadike by positioning himself as the man that will stand and challenge Ohamadike out of favour and out of power.

Let me state this fact clearly, the human being is not yet born that can touch a string of hair on Ohamadike’s head. God is with him, we know him as our courageous and bold son, Uzu Awka is a prodigal son, no pedigree, nothing what so ever. 

Akpokuodike is not stupid, he knows a blackmailer when he sees one, the records of Uzu are well known to everyone. Augustine has failed woefully!

Augustine Ndigwe does not have brain; just see what he has done to himself, no future. The same Ohamadike that has been trying against all tides to harbour him, he now fights.

Let Augustine Ndigwe put this into his dullard brain, EFCC is a Federal Agency that is well established in all State in the country, he does not need to call the whole world to make empty threats. He does not need to travel far to get to EFCC, as a man with evidences, let him walk straight to EFCC office, then we shall know that he is talking. If he will not do that, let him forever shut his mouth and never make any comment again against a respected Igbo son, Ohamadike Ndigbo, they are not of the same pedigree.  

Augustine Ndigwe as the proverbial fly that followed the corpse to the grave has finally ended his carrier. No more will his blackmail, intimidations, bullying and diabolical acts work.

 Awka North and South are liberated forever, APGA has come back to its original position, we can never tow this terrible root ever again; it was not a good experience.

We congratulate APGA, especially ward 1 in Awka town; this is good riddance to bad rubbish.

Dr. Chuma Igbokwe

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