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The corrupt savior and the mantra of change [Pt. 2]

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[President Muhammadu Buhari][President Muhammadu Buhari]

My Dear President Buhari, again have taken to pen down critical notation in the annals of fighting corruption in Nigeria. Most national analyst dwells on criticism alone

without proffering solutions or render potent solutions to mitigating “Fraud, Corruption, Governance Subversion, and Economic Sabotage to our beloved country, to which we have no other country to run to nether do we have the amplitude to choose another without having recourse to refer back to our natural country.

As you pronounce your agenda against corruption, it is important that I formally advice you as your “Non-Executive Senior Advice (NESA) on “iCorruption & iTechnology Strategy” to render freely a parabola of productive technical, financial and sound physical technology policies that are geared towards mitigating the current menace which has befallen us. 

There is no gain saying you’re much revered as an “in-Corruptible” person, I doubt if those you’re going to be nominating as key “Ministerial, Department and Agency heads will be in same page as you are. 

Thus it is important that as we enter another paradigm of our national lives that the right knowledge, skills and personnel management tools are here-fore set in place. This is important because there is a great “perpendicular angle” to the dimension of corruption, and thus in solving our national corruption math, there is need for the understanding of our perpendicularity against corruption, and also understand the common but potent means using “Techno-Arithmetic” which in formulae refers to “+Techno+Process+Framework = eGovernance-Fraud-Corruption=Prudence.

Developed countries has far-flung solved this very simple yet complex theory of mathematics, by integrating “eGovernance”. My dear President, as you sail us through the Bermuda Triangle, there is need for you as the lead “Pilot and Captain” to understand the scientific (ness) of the Bermuda terrain, you honestly mustn’t be a scientist neither is it important that you hold an MBA from Harvard Business School, and another MBA from London Business School or a PhD from MIT and Oxford combine. As a person am comfortable with your Edu-Level, which a lot of even “Schooled” Nigerians don’t even know that there is wall of difference from being “Educated and being schooled”.

Therefore as your “NESA” on Technology I hereby submit as follows for systematic and immediate consideration that you may wish to approve for implementation:

A. Development and Implementation of a Single-Window Government-wide “iGov Process Management System Platform”, designed to manage the entire government system from A-through Z, clinically transparent, and highly un-subvertable while asynchronous (Interconnectivity) is open to private and public use on-time, real-time on the platform.

B. Implement iJudiciary within the framework of the iGov PMS Platform.

C. Implement iLegislature within the framework of the iGov PMS Platform.

D. Implement iFinancial within the Framework of the iGov PMS Platform.

E. Implement iCitizen Management within the framework of the iGov PMS Platform.

F. Implement iResource Management within the framework of the iGov PMS Platform.

G. Implement iSecurity Management System within the framework of iGov PMS Platform.

H. Implement iEducation Process System within the Framework of the iGov PMS Platform

I. Implement iHealth Public Management within the framework of the iGov PMS Platform,

J. and Others as needful.

Going forward Mr. President this technology framework, and strategy that are mentioned above can be archived freely at a lower, lower cost to the government in fact freely because there are cloud of professional Nigeria Technology Geeks, Volunteers that will all join in the architectural plans and development of the entire “iGov PMS Framework. But the fear will remain will there be the political will to go all the hug to implement this lofty technology platform, because once implemented that will be the end to untraceable corrupt practices in Nigeria, because once your subvert the system the system picks you out by flagging all transaction and executive actions centrally to the Presidency, and Security Operatives as the case unveils itself.

Again, as you seep through the woods, mountain and rivers, to Mordor, there is need for you to wild the will of “Gandoff” in the “Lords Of The Rings”, but in your case you are to be “Gandoff & Frodo Baggins” at the same time for you to seriously bear, the carrying of the ring to Mordor.

Finally my President I “Ahoi” your courage but yet, cross the circumference of being the “Corrupt Savior, with the Shout of Change”, action change, demand change, implement change, eat change, dream change then Nigerians will feel change.

AF Dowell Mirin, Lead Consultant Oil&Gas TET& Information System Management

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