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Tell Nigerians how much Amaechi Gave You – Rivers Group tell Buhari

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Amaechi, Tunubu and BuhariOn behalf of the patriotic and God-fearing citizens of Rivers State, we implore General Muhammadu Buhari

to impress upon on the All Progressive Congress (APC) to a full disclosure of the total amount of money that was donated to the APC Presidential Campaign by the former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.

Mr President will recall that until recently, Rivers State was in a dire financial situation. Salaries of civil servants and pensioners were owed for more than six months. Rivers State students on foreign scholarships were hopelessly left stranded in the various countries where they were sent to receive an education. Contractors were forced to abandon contracts because they had not ben paid months after they completed credible milestones. Rivers State was on a lull with an absentee Governor and a near empty treasury.

Today, thank to wisdom of Governor Nyesom Wike and his team, Rivers state is on the move again. Workers have been paid. Fees for scholarship students have been released. Pensioners have received their allowances. Contractors have returned to work. Rivers State has become one huge construction site.

However, we would like to see our state return to its days of great glory. Many believe that the resources of Rivers State were channeled to fund the APC Presidential Campaign. There are others who believe that these resources may have been channeled to other areas. 

It is for that reason we call on your to please impress upon your party to disclose to Rivers people how much was donated to the party by our former Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi.


Thank you Mr President.

God bless Rivers State. God Bless Nigeria


Media Team


The Salvage Rivers Campaign

Port Harcourt


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