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Southern Kaduna killings: Clarion call for relief materials [update with bank details]

By Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi


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Today marks two week of the recent attacks on my village called Kizachi, a City In Tsam chieftdom in a LGA called Kauru under zone (3), Southern Kaduna, Kaduna state.

Two weeks is like a one day ago in my memory because the souls departed and houses burnt are still fresh on my mind.

One of the things that kept me worrying is the captivated topic I title on that faithful day “The world is silence while we die every day” With the catalogue of people that have abandoned this very child called Kizachi in the map of her state and nation at large.

I remember saying that no disgruntled elements either by Fulani militia groups or Boko Haram or land jihadis sponsored by their Fulani militia patrons/ patroness will never and ever take away what rightly belongs to us.

Kizachi is so blessed with arable land for mega-agricultural activities surrounded by mountains and valley for tourism, open for business relationship. Any interested person is highly welcome.

One of the most common cash crop produce by Kizachi in Tsam land is Tamba (finger millet), which is very medicinal for all diabetic patients in the world. Our Tamba is very starchy and sugary than any other Tamba in Tsam land with a highly medicinal nature.

It’s one of the things that is attracting many more envy and enemies in that part of Tsam land in Southern Kaduna.

Nevertheless, Kizachi is relentless and we are committed to ensuring that peace must reign heavily in that horizon because of the high soil profile log for Agrolog.

My worry remain the same yesterday and today with regards to the silence night and day of some the political moguls who had hypocritically taken an oath with a solemn vow that “protection of lives and properties will be there primary duty” but very unfortunate today, we are experiencing the proverb that says” the more you see the less you understand”, which has caught the state in to national comatose.

Security votes has become money for political trips to yuletide in Dubai and for medical check-up in London, America and India.

In Easter season they run to Jerusalem for passion week to ask for forgiveness as political Christians while the Muslim politicians practice the same thing by going to Hajj and ask of forgiveness during fasting and praying (Ramadan).

Kizachi has totally been neglected simply because of some individual corruption interest and selfish gain.

I am pleading that both youths and adults should make a concerted effort to pull relief materials so heavily to this homeless brothers and sisters at Kizachi. No Amount is tiny and no amount of support is too much. Dollars, Euro, Pounds and Naira are highly welcome to help in cushioning the effect on them.

It is indeed a moment of answering the clarion call of Mathew 25 that consistently says: “When I was naked you clothed me, when I was homeless you gave me accommodation, when I was hungry you fed me.”

I sincerely appreciate and celebrate the effort of the Kizachi Progressive Forum for their resilience and commitment to ensuring that our brothers and sisters eat and sleep at the expense of there discomfort.

Relief materials is what we are requesting of. I believe it is not too much. God has so endowed us with so much resources. It is now moment for us to offer our pure sacrifices of relief materials to this homeless people.

Abandoning, The Hon. Dr Isaac Deputy speaker of Kaduna state Assembly & Kizachi progressive forum alone can not help the situation. Therefore, your one Naira can go a long way in relieving somebody in this critical period.

Though your relief materials may not resurrect the departed soul, it will sow a seed of joy to those who are alive. Test the Lord and you will see how much He will bless you. Just as Malachi 3 says: “I will protect you from your devourers and also I will take away your curse”.

I still call the world to response to this clarion call of Mathew 25 and escape the coming judgement/wrath of God.

For me I have responded, not because I am a victim but because I am a child of God. I obey God voice accordingly.

Yesterday by divine Provident I am able to present the following relief materials via the support of Churches and individuals:

1. New and used wrappers, male clothes and children clothes in 5 bags
2. New and used shoes in 1 bag
3. Three Ghana-Must-Go with clothes both male and female
4. Maize
5. Money.

Put your feet in their shoes you will be move to support Kizachi.

God bless you as you response quickly to the clarion call of Mathew 25.

To reach out to the victims through Pastor Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi:

Bank: Access/Diamond Bank

Account name: Ishaya Musa

Account number: 0053889424

Through the association:

Bank: FCMB

Account number: 2327936018

Account name: Kizachi Youth Forum

Phone number: 09013236624

Pastor Ishaya Musa Bamaiyi

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