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“Sign the Petition Now”: The hell Aluko wishes on Nigeria Again

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*Orji Uzo Kalu unmasks his buddy, Obasanjo*

Did anyone read Orji Uzo Kalu today exposing his gang member on the suya they made out of their fellow

Nigerians when he governed Abia State and OBJ lead Nigeria? It sounded like a dark clay pot calling a kettle black. 

Please Google ” ORJI KALU TELLS OBASANJO: ‘YOU ARE CORRUPT’ ” for details.

Orji Kalu’s expose on OBJ alleged infidelity with Nigeria’s commonwealth   is one of a lot we shall be reading about on the cabals that have managed our country since 1970. Some like this writer would say Orji was also describing himself in that piece because there is no way Orji Kalu can prove he never stole or allowed some Igbo money under his care as governor of an Igbo state swollen by his crony.

With stories like Orji Kalu’s on OBJ and more of sort we already know, it is now left for Buhari to start or expedite work on the only reason a lot of us opted for him in the last election. 

We voted for him so he can jail Orji Uzo Kalu for killing Aba, Abia State, T C Orji for doing same, OBJ for raping us more than two times and all local government chairs, commissioners and ministers and contractors and former and present generals that feathered BH,   and himself if implicated and IBB too and the President Jonathan of Otuoke for knowing too late that stealing is corruption. 

A reboot of the nation by constraining future looters and restraining past ones from continuing to enjoy their kills is needed before any reasonable expectations of sanity in polity and process can be anticipated of now very hopeful but reluctant Nigerian citizenry.

V. C Aluko wants us to sign a petition to have America supply us with power without Aluko assuring us that the light switches USA government would give us won’t be turned off as soon and Al Sharpton, Obama and congressman, Lewis, leave us to manage the power ourselves.

The worst of Nigeria’s developmental problems is in the structure and culture of our leader’s brains. The recent ones, from 1970 are the most inhumane and wickedly unpatriotic specie of Nigeria has ever had.

It is unthinkable, (if Kalu’s allegations on OBJ are true) that a project price tag would be inflated x5 without one of the great features, a five star hotel included in the original and lower cost bids, would be signed off by a leader whose duty it was to ensure quality projects are implemented at the most minimal cost to the citizens.

I do hereby say to hell with Maazi Aluko, the Otuoke guy, for not showing that a lot of portions of foreign aides African countries get goes back to the same countries that give them to us in near or equal liquid cash values when our leaders steal them and dump their loots in foreign bank accounts. His power Africa campaign if done and completed would go down a spinning bowl if we keep having our kind of past leaders manage the funding and maintenance of such projects.

Nigeria can develop and sustain regular power supply all through the country if our leaders would for once feel they are part of the rest of us, and their relations can also benefit from whatever general good they bring to the nation.

Aluko probably thinks the powers that bring in chi awolam oke, an  Aba name for the N6000 – 5 point generator set from China would let Obama’s interference into their other sources of livelihood thrive. 

I therefore urge we no one signs such a petition until we clean up our radically corrupt processes.

Daniel Akusobi

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