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SHOCKER! HIV infected woman confesses on live radio: I mix my blood with “Zobo” drink & sell


An unidentified woman reportedly infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) has confessed on live radio that she mixes her blood with “Zobo” drink and sell to unsuspecting customers.

Zobo, or Zoborodo, is an affordable and tasty drink used as light refreshment because of its health benefits, from the edible plant Hibiscus Sabdariffa hawked around Nigeria.

It all started during an episode of ‘Market Runs’ on Wazobia FM when the host, Emadomi Wilson Eguakhide asked people to call in and share dubious things they did in the past which they are not proud of.

An unidentified woman called in and confessed that she has been mixing her HIV infected blood with the Zobo drink she prepares before selling to people in the past six months.

Speaking Pidgin English, RATATA had said: “Those dubious things wey you don do, when you no like, wey dey make you say, ‘God, I’m sorry. Ah! God, how I wish’.

“Even if you are not sorry, for the dubious things you did in the market space, call us, no problem. Share them with us. No call your name, remain anonymous.”

The anonymous woman called and said:

“I go hospital, them say na HIV I get. I no get money treat. So I come dey comot my blood dey put am for zobo dey sell am for many people.

“I said, I will not die alone. God go forgive me. I don dey do am for six months now.”

At the end of the phone conversation, the woman added: “Wetin I do, Ratata, God go forgive me!” Read more.

See audio/video of the encounter below:


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