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S’Africa President faces impeachment threat amid probe over ‘$580,000 stolen from his farm’


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South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa,is facing a possible impeachment threat over alleged corruption.

On Wednesday, an independent panel set up by the speaker of South Africa’s parliament said findings suggested that the president acted in a manner that was inconsistent with his office.

The report centred on the alleged theft of $580,000 cash from Ramaphosa’s farm in 2020, which came to light in June.

The president had been accused of covering up the theft, and the panel had raised questions about how the cash was acquired.

Ramaphosa has, however, denied any wrongdoing.

The Panel’s report reads, “Furthermore, the information presented to the Panel establishes, prima facie, the money that was stolen was probably more than US$ 580,000. As one of the suspects stated, they stole about US$800,000.

“Furthermore, the Namibian police reported that they had identified individuals, bank accounts in various and properties including lodges, houses and vehicles suspected to have been purchased with the proceeds of the crime.

Another troubling feature about the source of the stolen foreign currency, is that the theft was never reported to the South African Police Services for investigation as an ordinary crime. Nor was the theft reported under the section 34(1) of PRECCA.”

The panel was established in September 2022 to find out if there was preliminary evidence of wrongdoing by the president.

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