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Sack Oseni Rufai from Arise TV and see how it will crumble like NTA — Ex-presidential aspirant


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Dr Theophilus Aimiebenomon, a former PDP presidential aspirant, has challenged the management of Arise Television to sack Rufai Oseni, co-host of the Morning Show and see if the Television station won’t crumble like Nigeria Television Authority (NTA).

According to him, Rufai is the major reason why millions of Nigerians are glued to the station.

Though, this is coming after many supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC), called for Rufai’s sack from the TV station over what they described as his arrogant and hostile approach to guests from the ruling party.

Prominent among the individuals who have vowed not to rest until Oseni is booted out of Arise TV, is Joe Igbokwe, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Igbokwe expressed his distaste for the Arise TV anchor on his official Facebook page on Thursday, noting that he needs to be sent to the University of Lagos to study Mass Communication.

Rufai made news some days ago when he had a clash with an APC chieftain, Jesutega Onokpasa.

In the exchange, Oseni asked Onokpasa a legitimate, well-chosen question about the consequences of the removal of fuel subsidies on ordinary citizens and on the national economy. Onokpasa tried to prevaricate. He said Tinubu didn’t remove fuel subsidies but Buhari did before he left.

Oseni immediately pushed back against Onokpasa’s equivocation. Unable to defend his position with the resources of evidence, logic, and reason, Onokpasa launched unprovoked verbal assaults on Oseni.

He threatened to walk out of the interview, belittled Oseni as a “boy,” a “badly brought up little boy,” and then questioned Oseni’s professional journalistic credentials in order to delegitimize him and his uncomfortable questions

But Dr Theophilus Aimiebenomon while reacting to the call to sack Rufai said, “He is the reason 95% of viewers watch Arise News. Sack him and the Station will become NTA. Or you think is ‘datwan’ who just married a 3rd wife people want to go and watch? Be playing. Lol”.

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