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Religious leaders, Tinubu, Atiku, Peter Obi, CSU saga & their supporters ~ by Godson Moneke


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Religion is a very important component of societal values in Nigeria to the extent that political leaders who never mean well for the people always find it a convenient tool in the unfortunate and rumbustious fault lines that bedevil the country. Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that boasts of the highest number of Churches and Mosques yet she is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. Our political leaders are not ashamed and rather swagger with the illicit wealth they corruptly acquire. Corruption is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into every fabric of our society and inflicted our humanity. Karl Max who was voted the BEST INTELLECTUAL OF THE LAST MILLENNIUM derisively called religion the OPIUM OF THE MASSES. There is no better place that this finds expression than in Nigeria where the people embrace religion out of poverty and religion in turn is used to tele-guide and ipso facto oppress them. Religion is among the first three if not the oldest profession in the world because it arrived with creation. It dictates the moral compass which a society must follow to avoid destruction. In Nigeria, the Orthodox Churches are relatively stable but the Pentecostal genre has spin out of control. Their emphases are on BEAUTIFUL AND IMPOSING EDIFICES AND UNMATCHED QUEST FOR MATERIALISM. Holding hands with corrupt political leaders is now a measure of how important a religious leader is in Nigeria. They indulge in all manners of shenanigans to lure important political leaders to their churches. Prophesies have become for sale and no important political leader steps into any Pentecostal Church without a prophecy seen on his head. They must see ‘TOMORROW’ for such people so that they can continue to COME. The power of CLAIRVOYANCE is now domiciled in the Pentecostal religious leaders as they now showcase it more than any thing to woo and intimidate their followers into submission. Our religious leaders no longer preach SALVATION, they now preach PROSPERITY. They no longer act as moral compass to the people, they now rip off people who come to them for spiritual succor. They have joined the rat race for primitive accumulation of filthy lucre. It is little wonder they have chosen to align with the political oppressors against the people whose interests they ought to protect. The staccato of voices or their dead silence on the recent elections in Nigeria are all in pursuit of their enlightened self interest. We now have more moral laxity in the churches than outside the churches. Nobody in the mix is spared of this malaise, from the HEAD TO LEAST CHURCH MEMBER INCLUDING THEIR CHILDREN AND WIVES. The corruption, wickedness and immorality in the church is more than what you find outside especially within the Pentecostal churches. They are competing among themselves to own the best and most expensive schools which their ardent members cannot afford. They care less about contributing to the development and welfare of the the society and the environment where they operate. In Pentecostal Churches, the church is seen as a family enterprise which should be passed on to the wife and children. This suits their UNIQUE DEFINITION OF SPIRITUALITY. IF I AM CALLED, THEN MY WIFE AND CHILDREN MUST BE CALLED!!!!!!

On Peter Obi, the 2023 presidential election should ordinarily be all about him because he sprang the surprise which nobody expected. He should be the WATERSHED of ELECTORAL EPISTEMOLOGY in Nigeria. In sporting parlance, he was the rookie of the 2023 election. His candidacy was the first time a third party candidate made a very strong showing and arguably won a presidential election since 1999. His supporters were among the INDEPENDENTS, THE YOUNG PEOPLE AND EVERYDAY WOMEN who were impatient to change their lots through a genuine leadership . He revolutionized the electoral dynamics in Nigeria. Therefore the attacks against him from politically entrenched and vested interests were uncalled for, he should rather be commended. These attacks should not dissuade him from the new lease of life which he brought to politicking in Nigeria. When I see some people especially the APC sympathizers attacking him and using all forms of tactics to dissuade him from future politics, I see such as attacks on the young people, the independents, women and children whose hope he represents. His support base spreads across the length and breadth of Nigeria among all tribes , religions and demographics. It is therefore surprising that somebody especially a highly regarded personage would call his supporters FASCISTS, an obvious MALAPROPISM. The Labor Party which flag Peter Obi flew at the last presidential election is not a regional political party as some confused people would want Nigerians to believe. It is a national political party just like APC and PDP. The instrument setting up INEC does not even permit it to register and allow regional political parties to operate. These harassments are all aimed at INTIMIDATING HIM AND HIS ILKS OUT OF POLITICS. We need many PETER OBIS to sanitize our politics and give HOPE TO THE FORLORN.

Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of the PDP in the last presidential election is a man of destiny. It is little surprising that all PRINCIPALITIES, POWERS AND HEAVENLY FORCES IN DARK PLACES ARE STACKED AGAINST HIM BECOMING THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA. I am yet to see any Nigerian who has fought for DEMOCRACY using the instrument of the JUDICIARY more than him. In this sojourn, he has received many betrayals, blackmails, insults and name callings from both far and wide but I urge him to remain focused and undaunted. I SUPPORTED HIM IN THE LAST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION AND WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT HIM SO LONG AS HIS CAMPAIGN PROGRAMS AND MANIFESTO RESONATE WITH ME. I am fully in support of his JUDICIAL ODYSSEY BOTH IN NIGERIA AND IN THE US BECAUSE, I WANT THE BEST FOR NIGERIA AND I WANT THE TRUTH. Without his INTERVENTIONS, we would not have known much about the hidden mysteries about CSU,GOVERNMENT COLLEGE LAGOS AND THE CONTROVERSY SURROUNDING TINUBU’S ATTENDANCE AND ‘GRADUATION’ FROM THE CSU. The issue of NORTH-SOUTH DICHOTOMY which people readily bring up whenever the February 25th, 2023 presidential election is discussed is a major reason this country has continued to nest underwhelming performance since 1999. What we need is a competent person and not where he comes from. People should be free to make political choices and not be attacked for holding contrary viewpoints. That is what I call political maturity and we should imbibe it. I am a strong advocate that persons for elective positions must meet the basic prerequisites as provided by the constitution.

TINUBU is the first politician I got enamored to because of the PROGRESSIVE AND PEOPLE-ORIENTED BRAND OF POLITICS WHICH HE CHAMPIONED. That I now see him as an ethnic champion is the greatest tragedy and shock to befall me as an observer of political developments in Nigeria especially since 1999. Everything about his educational route and academic credentials is shrouded in one mystery or another. Our people say that lightning does strike twice at the same spot and if it does, then there must be something UNWHOLESOME about the spot. It is this philosophy that informed my views about the controversies that dog Tinubu’s education. Starting from the evidence in the ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPT FROM SOUTHWEST COLLEGE, we are told that one Bola A. Tinubu, a FEMALE, BLACK AMERICAN, BORN in 1954 with a SSN was admitted into CSU in 1977. When this Bola A. Tinubu transformed into a MALE, NIGERIAN, BORN 1952 with no SSN who ATTENDED THE CSU within the same period is a mystery. The only evidence that CSU have about this latter Bola A. Tinubu is his name, SIMILARITY IN NAME. NO STUDENT ID/MATRICULATION NUMBER/REGISTRATION NUMBER, NO INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT AS AN INTERNATIONAL STUDENT, NO STUDENT ID CARD, NO EVIDENCE OF PAYMENT OF SCHOOL FEES, NO STUDENT PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH AS A STUDENT OF CSU. The university cannot produce evidence of this mystery Bola A. Tinubu in the original printed copy of the 1979 yearbook or student file. The university can also not tell what “A” in the MIDDLE NAME stands for. Apart from a transcript which bears only the name, there is no other means of identifying this mystery man who entered CSU from Southwest College as a female black American and supposedly left in 1979 as a male and now Nigerian President. Unbelievable!!! The STUDENT ADMISSION FORM COMPLETED BY THIS MYSTERY MAN CLAIMED HE ATTENDED GOVERNMENT COLLEGE LAGOS AND PASSED OUT IN 1970 when the said Secondary school was established by the then Governor Mobolaji Johnson in 1974. That otherwise educated Nigerians are busy singing that a mystery man who was admitted into a university in 1977 with all these FAKE ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS graduated two years later with FLYING COLORS IS THE NINTH WONDER OF THE WORLD. There is no means of proving that the Bola A. Tinubu who was admitted into the CSU in 1977 was the same Bola A. Tinubu who purportedly ATTENDED the university from 1977 to 1979 and is now Nigeria’s president. Even if the information contained in the admission documents were mistakes and errors, there is no evidence of any actions taken by the CSU at that time to correct them. It is unacceptable for the university to about 50 years later to CASUALLY DISMISS THOSE FUNDAMENTAL DISCREPANCIES AS MISTAKES MORESO WHEN SUCH DISCREPANCIES ARE NOW THE ISSUES IN CONTENTION. These point to the fact that CSU has no CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY AND CANNOT BE BELIEVED. They are defending the INDEFENSIBLE. IT IS A SHAME!!!!!! It is important to let all know that ATTENDING CSU is different from GRADUATING from the university. You are not qualified to be issued a UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA/DEGREE CERTIFICATE if you did not GRADUATE from the university. Those who attended a university but fail to graduate by passing all the required courses and meeting all requisite requirements are known as UNIVERSITY DROPOUTS. A UNIVERSITY DROPOUT WHO PRESENTS A DIPLOMA CERTIFICATE PURPORTING SAME TO HAVE BEEN ISSUED BY THE UNIVERSITY COMMITS THE OFFENSE OF FORGERY. The CSU stated on oath that they did not give Bola A. Tinubu any degree or diploma certificate in 1979 and did not give him a replacement DEGREE certificate thereafter. Where then did Bola Ahmed Tinubu obtain the one he presented to INEC? You can not earn a degree/diploma of a university if you have not met the CREDIT UNITS REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION. Why then are people shouting that Bola A. Tinubu GRADUATED FROM CSU WITH FLYING COLORS WHEN IT IS ON RECORDS THAT HE DID NOT PASS THE REQUIRED CREDIT LOADS? If he obtained the CERTIFICATE from a CSU ACCREDITED THIRD PARTY VENDOR, what is the name and identity of this VENDOR? You cannot be issued with a certificate if you do not qualify for one ab initio.

The CSU is an American university on the face of it but beneath this , it is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE which habitually condones criminalities and covers up criminal activities. That CSU is eager to CLAIM that the President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu ATTENDED the university when they have no means of identifying the so-called BOLA A. TINUBU even from the student file they claim to have goes a long way to impacting the BELIEVABILITY OF ALL THEY SAY. It is wrong to assume that there are no criminal elements in the CSU system. A university that cannot provide the identification methodology of their former students cannot be believed. There are over one thousand Bola A. Tinubu in this world and you require a unique identification system to zero in on a particular student or candidate in the face of underlying discrepancies and controversies that dog the admission records. Written records cannot be changed IN the university by ADMINISTRATIVE FIAT. . The underlying evidence must support such claims. I do not see the sincerity of their claims not even in their DEPOSITION IN THE US COURT. It is left for the law enforcement agencies in the US to handle this aspect. The CSU was not able to establish that the Bola A. Tinubu who was admitted into CSU in 1977 was the same Bola A. Tinubu who purportedly graduated from the university in 1979 and is now the Nigerian President. I cannot find the NEXUS BETWEEN THE TWO IDENTITIES for the reasons already listed above. The university claimed that the said Bola A. Tinubu did not collect HIS GRADUATION CERTIFICATE IN 1979 but Bola A. Tinubu swore to an AFFIDAVIT that his DEGREE CERTIFICATE FROM CSU WAS VANDALIZED AND REMOVED BY HIS MILITARY TRADUCERS DURING HIS TIME IN EXILE. How can you claim to lose something which you never owned in the first place. The reason Bola A. Tinubu did not collect his/her degree certificate in 1979 is simple. He/She never FULFILLED ALL THE REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION AND COULD NOT HAVE COLLECTED THE GRADUATION CERTIFICATE. Speaking at the Chatham House, Mr Bola Ahmed Tinubu claimed that he had collected his REPLACEMENT DIPLOMA FROM CSU. The question is; can CSU issue a Replacement Diploma to a purported ALUMNUS who never collected and never wrote the university about his ORIGINAL GRADUATION DEGREE CERTIFICATE? Nigerians should note that the Registrar of CSU stated under DEPOSITION that he could not confirm or authenticate that it was the same Bola A. Tinubu who was admitted into CSU in 1977 that is the current president of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This is called IDENTITY CRISIS!!!! From the TONE AND TEMPER OF THE CSU REGISTRAR, it was obvious that CSU is another diploma mill which sells their Degrees to highest bidders for rewards or in expectations of REWARDS. When Mr Felix Morka, the publicity secretary of the APC said on national tv that he did not see the point made in Atiku’s Press Conference, I shuddered at that pronouncement. Atiku ALLEGED at the press conference that your principal SUBMITTED A FORGED CERTIFICATE TO INEC BECAUSE CSU DISOWNED THE CERTIFICATE HE SUBMITTED, 2) that the Qualifying documents for his purported admission into CSU belonged to a FEMALE, BORN in 1954 and a BLACK AMERICAN IMPLYING IDENTITY THEFT, 3) that the admission form completed by your principal claimed he attended Government College Lagos and passed out in 1970 when the school was only established in 1974. Those who were expecting the CSU to use the word ‘ forged’ to describe the certificate which Tinubu submitted to INEC ought to know that the correct language for the university to use in the circumstance was to DISOWN the certificate which meant that it was a forgery. For Mr Morka to boast that these serious allegations did not merit his concern shows how hollow and empty-headed he is. To bring this point nearer home, let me give four examples viz:

1) I own a car and passed out from an approved driving school, passed the government approved DRIVERS TEST but chose to drive with an unknown DRIVERS LICENSE which I obtained from an unknown ROADSIDE VENDOR. When arrested by say the POLICE or FRSC official, can the fact that I passed the drivers test and can drive excellently be a DEFENSE?


2) I applied and got employed provisionally at CBN. The HR department of the bank sent the degree certificate which I submitted to CBN claiming to have obtained same from UNILAG to the university for verification and authentication. The university said that I attended their school but DISOWNED THE CERTIFICATE WHICH I SUBMITTED TO THE CBN THAT IT WAS NOT FROM THEM AND THAT THEY COULD NOT AUTHENTICATE IT. What would the CBN do about the certificate especially when the rule is that a prospective employee must submit a verifiable certificate and not a FORGED CERTIFICATE? Will they continue to employ me?


3) Can I drive with a FORGED DRIVERS LICENSE just because I know how to drive?


4) Can I drive a vehicle with forged vehicle papers because I am a rich man who can afford many times the value of vehicle in question?

The followers of the politicians above are remarkable, full of emotions, sentiments and passion. A good number of them are ETHNIC BIGOTS which is unfortunate. They are often NOISY and can be annoying at times but people should ask why they are EXASPERATED. THIS COUNTRY HAS NOT BEEN FAIR TO THEM ESPECIALLY THE YOUTHS. Some supporters are hallucinated and are fanatical with their support and do not believe that their principals can be wrong like human beings that they are. When they see the truth, they would rather believe ALTERNATIVE TRUTHS AND CONSPIRACY THEORIES. This is dangerous and portends difficulty in reaching dispassionate decisions. This is why some people would rather harp that Bola A. Tinubu ‘graduated’ from CSU in 1979 rather than looking at whether he submitted A FORGED CERTIFICATE TO INEC. IMPLICIT IN THE SUBMISSION OF A FAKE CERTIFICATE TO INEC IS THE INTENTION TO DECEIVE AND OTHER REASONS WHICH ARE ONLY KNOWN TO THE CULPRIT. William Shakespeare wrote that there is NO ART OF READING THE MIND FROM THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE FACE. Such supporters do not see anything wrong with their principal submitting two different certificates in which he answers BOLA AHMED TINUBU in one and BOLA ADEKUNLE TINUBU in the other. The country appears to be sinking deeper into the cesspool of absurdities and indecencies that were seriously frowned at yesterday but are now tolerated today. This raises the question; quo vadis Nigeria? The country is sinking deeper into lawlessness and anomie is fast becoming the order of things. Supporters now find ways of defending atrocities committed by their principals no matter how offensive and egregious they are. They now see it as an official duty to defend unconstitutional actions and illegalities of their principals. We are in trouble!!! But it is wrong for any of their supporters to interfere with the judicial process by either patronizing or intimidating or harassing or cajoling or overwhelming the judges and justices. People should not input motives in what these JUDGES /JUSTICES do or pretend to read their minds. That is a horrible thing to do. The judiciary is the last hope of the common man and the ultimate defender of the constitution which is the supreme law of the land. These people deserve our prayers to do the right thing.

Finally, why would a Bola Ahmed Tinubu allow these controversies to swirl around him when he had the opportunity and ample time since year 2000 to clean up his academic and other records he would require as a politician? He should blame his own arrogance, recklessness and carelessness for his current fate. What he requires as academic qualification to contest as president of Nigeria is just school certificate attempted. he does not need university degrees, these lies and falsehoods. They are uncalled for!!! The people are the bulwark of democracy and confer LEGITIMACY upon any government that calls itself a democracy while the courts in this case the Supreme Court confers upon it LEGALITY. When legitimacy aligns with legality you have HARMONY but when it does not align with it, you have INSTABILITY. We need legitimacy to align with legality in order to get the desired harmony. Let us not willfully bring instability upon ourselves!

Godson O. Moneke, a registered quantity surveyor, economist, sociologist, administrator and sociopolitical advocate wrote from Abuja. Readers are permitted to share.

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