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Re: Buhari’s appointments: ethnicity or comfortability

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buhariIn response to: Buhari’s appointments: ethnicity or comfortability by Princewill Odidi.  His piece is full of faulty reasoning and warped thinking.  You do not appoint

people you are comfortable with, or trust, or people who pass the so-called integrity test.  If that’s the case, does it mean there is no single trustworthy person among the 32 key appointments so far from the SE and SS?  

President Obama did not appoint people he’s comfortable with but people who can perform the job.  He did not appoint only constitutional lawyers from Harvard or his friends from Chicago or Hawaii but men and women with the required skills, education and ability to perform the job. 

By the way, we should not even be making such comparison. It’s very unfortunate and even sad when Nigerians – especially writers make comparison between Nigeria and the U.S, or the U.K., in trying to defend unjust policy issue, unwise decisions, or even any democratic governance blunders. 

These people forget that Nigeria is still in infancy when it comes to presidential democratic government – making comparison to a nation with highly developed institutions, systems, educated populace, etc., with Nigeria where corruption still pervades every facet of life and institutions are non-existent with epileptic infrastructure is very sad indeed.  It also shows the level of ignorance – if not insanity when someone makes such comparison.

That line of reasoning also demonstrates that the writer has not read the Nigerian constitution or has not worked at any federal government institution to understand the rule of federal character as enshrined in the constitution.  

What president Buhari has done by appointing only northern men – all Muslims to the key positions – those who are going to shape the policy of his government is an impeachable offense.  It totally ignores the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and renegades on the oath he took to protect the constitution of the country.

President Buhari’s lopsided appointment in favor of mostly Northern men is in fact a threat to the unity and continued co-existence of Nigeria.  It’s also a clear evidence of a man with strong tribal and fanatical mindset and a dictator as well.  Buhari has not changed and he’s not a true democrat.  As I said before, what we have now is presidential dictatorship not presidential democracy. He cannot learn presidential democracy in old age.  This is not the change most Nigerians agitated for? In fact, most Nigerians – north and south – including key APC leadership are already outraged and are speaking out against these lopsided appointments.   Buhari has disappointed me already.  

Dr. C. K. Ekeke

President, Leadership Wisdom Institute, USA.

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