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RE: Accreditation of Anambra Teaching Hospital and School of Nursing

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peter obiGood news. The Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, has received final accreditation two days ago from the Medical and Dental Council of

Nigeria. Very soon, they will graduate first medical doctors.

[Photo (2008) Gov. Peter Obi, receiving the report of the Committee set up to work out modalities for the establishment of   College of Medicine/Teaching Hospital at the State University . From L-R are Prof. Elochukwu Amuchiazi, Prof.  Frank Akpuaka (Chairman of the Committee), Prof. Iheanacho Orajiaka, the Vice Chancellor of the University]

Before the coming of former Gov Peter Obi, there was no teaching hospital in Anambra State. 

Former Okija Ordained Governor Dr Chris Ngige merely took it to Alor and did nothing more.

Before he left in 2013, Peter Obi provided all the things needed in the school. He even asphalted the internal roads of the hospital, built over 15 structures, gave ambulances, buses and bought equipment for them.

The only thing Gov Obiano contributed was to remove the plague of one of the buildings built and commissioned by Obi , put his own plague and re-commission it.

If the E-rats or pseudo Media team including James Aghadinuno mind, let them show us, or name one thing, Governor Obiano contributed to the hospital and I will go into more expository statistic.

Accreditation comes in phases, I am sure some E-rats or Pseudo Media people will celebrate it as their accomplishments as all of them has celebrated the accreditation of Nkpor School of Nursing without knowing anything about it.

Obi rehabilitated the school – Built big hostel, Auditorium, class rooms and fenced the complex as well as constructed the road to the place. 

The complex secured provisional accreditation under Obi, which was lost in 2012 because of other structures that needed to be put in place. To achieve this, Obi released 40 Million to the School Board and today it has regained its accreditation.

Gov Obiano is yet to contribute 1 kobo to the place ,what we know is that it is best to put every HISTORY in perspective and untainted ,so that posterity will be just on us who knew the history .

Mazi Odera

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