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Rape allegation investigation, Sowore & SaharaReporters report on Okiro

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Sir Mike Okiro, Omoyele Sowere[Sir Mike Okiro, Chairman of Police Service Commission]

Perhaps, Sigmund Freud, the world renowned psychologist, could have been in better position to offer professional psycho analytical reason behind Omoyele

Sowere’s persistent fixation about Sir Mike Okiro, the Chairman of the Police Service Commission [PSC]; who incidentally, investigated Sowere of rape as Area Commander of Police in Lagos. 

The event that finally influenced rational minds’ conviction that indeed, Sowere’s hate comments against the person of Okiro were beyond ordinary, manifested in the malicious report he published on his site when Okiro’s wife died.

The latest hate induced report by Omoyele Sowere’s Saharareporters.com on the investigative report released by the ICPC, in response to the petition against the PSC’s chairman, who was accused of swindling the commission to the tune of N275, 525, 000:00, addressed to the permanent Secretary of the commission, has further proved that Sowere has not forgiven Okiro for investigating him of rape in the past. 

While the report of the investigation established that “there was no act of criminal infraction against the person of Sir Mike Okiro, as all the issues outlined were administrative in nature, and within the ambits of career public servant handlings”; Sowere felt otherwise, according to him, ICPC investigators found that “Mr. Okiro misspent more than N275 million of the commission’s funds”. 

Does it mean that Sowere has another report from that of ICPC’s, because in the entire account from the investigate body, nowhere was allusion made to effect that Okiro misappropriated money meant for election monitoring. The big question here is, was Sowere’s report on Okiro’s person, predicated on good conscience? Only Sigmund Freud can offer explanation to this question because of its complex nature.       

If Okiro squandered N275 million as Sowere’s base imagination tells him, how come ICPC directed as follow: “That the total balances of N133, 413, 845. 99 from the N350, 000, 000 2015, election monitoring exercise domiciled within FCMB be remitted to the Federal Treasury through the ICPC Recovery Account N0. 101292970 at Zenith Bank Plc”?

How does a specific directive to the Commission from ICPC, that the staff of the Commission who took part in 2015 general election monitoring exercise and were paid 2-way return tickets and airport taxi to location within FCT and of close proximity to Abuja amounting to N 11, 750, 000

    should refund same to the Treasury through the ICPC Recovery Account N0. 101292970 at Zenith Bank Plc; amounted to criminal infraction on the part of Mr. Okiro, as Sowere wants world to believe? 

    To this writer, only Sowere and his co-travelers in Okiro-fixation know what they intend to achieve by accusing Mr. Nta led ICPC report of not calling for criminal persecution of Mr. Okiro.

    For those who did not know the genesis of Sowere’s determined and consistent base attacks on the person of Sir Mike Okiro, the alleged criminal investigation carried out by Okiro against Omoyele Sowere, who was then the Student Union President of the University of Lagos is the only reason. 

    Probably, Sowere sees that investigation as the only dark spot in his life, he could not cover during his era as the SUG President. Other allegations against him, like corruptly running down the SUG transport system, could easily be denied. 

    This recent misrepresentation of facts on ICPC investigative report on the petition against the person of Okiro is just one in the series of more to come. The open bias SaharaReporters shows when it comes to reporting Okiro has clearly shown that there is more to Okiro-Sowere past relationship, the most probable reason still remains the rape investigation.

    Emeka Oraetoka, Information Management Consultant & Researcher, wrote in from Abuja. e-mail:oramekllis@lycos.com

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