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President-General of Nkpor Holds Emergency General Meeting to Update Indigenes on Stewardship by Obi Stanley

...reaffirms commitment to open and transparent administration


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In a bid to uphold his promise of running an open and transparent administration, President-General of Nkpor, Chief Amadike Godwin Nnamdi, recently called for an emergency General Meeting of all Nkpor indigenes. The meeting sought to provide an update on his stewardship and gather inputs from the community members.

The highly anticipated meeting, which took place at the Nkpor Civic Centre on Easter Monday, April 1st, 2024, attracted a heavy turnout. Indigenes were eager to hear from Chief Amadike and gain insights into key areas of focus for the Nkpor community.

During the briefing, Chief Amadike shared the agenda and highlights of the meeting, covering various crucial topics. Firstly, he discussed the contents of the Handover Notes he received from the former President-General. This information helped Chief Amadike understand the progress made by his predecessor and provided a foundation for his own administration.

The President-General went on to shed light on the sources of revenue in Nkpor, emphasizing the importance of financial stability for the community. He highlighted the projected revenue for 2024 from the NDU-CEC and the proposed projects that will be carried out using these funds.

Addressing concerns regarding safety and security, Chief Amadike provided a detailed report on the state of affairs with the Security Trust Fund. He laid bare the amount gotten from donours and statutory levies for security and how they were judiciously disbursed to Personnels. He assured the community that measures were being taken to enhance security and protect the welfare of Nkpor residents.

The President-General also touched upon the progress made by the Education Committee, presenting a comprehensive report on their activities. This update highlighted the commitment of the administration towards improving the educational sector in Nkpor and ensuring that future generations receive quality education.

Throughout the meeting, Chief Amadike reiterated his commitment to an open and transparent administration. He encouraged community members to provide their input, suggestions, and concerns, emphasizing that a collective effort was crucial to achieve the desired development and progress in Nkpor.

The atmosphere at the meeting was one of satisfaction and approval towards the current leadership of Nkpor under him. Indigenes left the gathering with a sense of optimism and confidence in the President-General’s ability to steer the community towards a brighter future.

Amadike’s proactive approach in seeking community involvement, sets a new precedent for effective governance in Nkpor. As the administration continues to prioritize accountability and engages with its people, the Nkpor community can look forward to a future filled with growth, development, and inclusive decision-making.

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