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Buhari is sending wrong signals that Nigeria is an occupied territory”- Ajulo

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BuhariAn Abuja-based lawyer and founder of the Egalitarian Mission- an NGO established to champion the rights of the downtrodden has reacted to the recent announcement

of federal appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari, accusing the president of treating the nation like occupied territory.

Responding to questions from correspondents, Ajulo described the development as “scary and ominous, – it gives insight into the manner of things to be expected from this administration”.

“I have been stricken speechless by this recent development. It is unfortunate that at a time like this, the president appears to be reneging on his promise to forge a united Nigeria, as has resorted to acting like a vindictive conqueror.

“It is particularly mind-numbing when one considers the manner in which the appointments so far has sidelined a major region of the country- the SouthEast- completely,” he said.

Ajulo stated further that the president was sending signals that seem to state that he(the president) considers the nation occupied territory, and the recent appointment he has announced, to him, are spoils of war to be shared amongst his kin.

“You will remember that in the post-Civil war era, the government of the day declared a No Victor, No Vanquished policy, and strove to heal wounds and build a united nation. The Gowon-led administration was magnanimous in victory. However, what we have now in 2015 is shocking, what we have after a transition that followed a successful election period, is a president who appears to be totally oblivious and unmindful of the psyche of his fellow countrymen. 

“What we are seeing now, appears to be the fulfillment of the fears of many who warned us that Buhari, as president, would not augur well for the continued work towards nation-building in peace and unity.

Ajulo lamented the plight of the people of the South-East, who he described as “stranded or marooned at sea in the Buhari administration.

“Why is it that President Buhari appears to be fulfilling the prophecies of those who, prior to the March elections, described him as a champion of the Northern Agenda? Didn’t he say that he is for everybody and at the same time for nobody? Are there no competent people in the South East from which he could choose? These were the questions that ran continually through my mind ever since the news broke yesterday.”

Ajulo expressed fears that nigerians were in for a dark night, if the president persists in the path of sectionalism, as expressed in the recent appointments he has made.

“Even though he may have good intentions, I am afraid that President Buhari may indeed be out of touch with the political realities of the present times, and also grossly insensitive to the political aspirations of any people apart from his immediate kin from the northern parts of the nation.

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