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It is with great concern that I read an article published by Precious Eze, a known social media superbrat under the payroll of Labour Party Enugu State and its Governorship candidate in the last Gubernatorial election alleging that “PDP legislators in the Enugu State House of Assembly are compromising the Judges handling their petitions at the Enugu State Election Petition Tribunal.” Such baseless allegation should not be allowed to travel our socio- political space undislodged, because it poses the danger of negative social transmogrification. If such audacious fakery is not tagged and leashed, it will wax with temerity and misinform the unsuspecting public on the integrity of the Judges involved and the determination of PDP candidates to uphold the principles of justice and impartiality.

Firstly, it is essential to emphasize that the judgments passed by the Enugu State Election Petition Tribunal were unbiased and reflective of a fair judicial process. The allegation that PDP legislators are compromising the Judges in order to secure favorable outcomes for their party members is grossly false, unfounded, and a figment of guile imaginations of mischief makers drawn from the leadership of Labour Party Enugu State and their horde of social media brigands.

The Tribunal comprises of highly esteemed and reputable judges who have demonstrated their commitment to upholding justice and maintaining impartiality throughout their careers. These judges possess a wealth of experience and integrity, which should strengthens the confidence of all parties in their ability to deliver fair verdicts. To allege that these judges are compromising their judicial oath and professional ethics is both disrespectful and defamatory.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight the commitment of PDP candidates to ensuring a free-flowing and transparent judicial process. PDP legislators are fully aware of the significance of an impartial and unbiased resolution to the election petitions. Therefore, they have consistently expressed their readiness to abide by the verdict of justice regardless of the outcome. This adherence to the principles of democracy showcases their dedication to upholding the democratic values that underpin our society.

In fact from the State’s tribunal judgements so far, every unbiased critic will notice a common denominator which has been implicated — the unpreparedness of LP candidates for the art of politics and the business of governance.
If not because lying has become synonymous with Labour party leaders, they would have admitted to the fact they they were least prepared for the past elections. Some of them woke up to the Peter Obi frenzy and rushed to pick tickets wearing his integrity apparel. Now that PDP is picking holes on the many lapses, they couldn’t conceal in their haste to flow with Obi’s popularity which is now hurting them and invalidating their electoral victories. However, as they see their castle of election victories built on the air of fallacy and deception of the gullible masses falling apart like a pack of cards once they are passed through the scale of justice, they have resorted in the use of cheap blackmail against these tested judges.

It is regrettable that “Precious Eze” published such an article without proper investigation or incontrovertible evidence to substantiate their claims. Responsible journalism requires thorough verification of information and the avoidance of potential harm to individuals and institutions. The publication of these allegations assumes guilt without due process, damaging the reputation of both the PDP legislators and the esteemed judges involved.

May I remind media outlets of the fundamental need to uphold their responsibility to report accurate and fair information, conducting diligent investigations before publishing potentially defamatory articles.

The PDP candidates remain committed to the principles of justice and will continue to respect and accept the outcome of fair judicial proceedings.

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