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Police Recruitment Diversion: Anambra HA members face mass recall if… 

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obiano*Obiano moves to Corner 270 Police recruitment slots allotted to Anambra State to his town *House of Assembly members risk “mass recall” by their Constituencies

if it happens*

[Image: Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State]

Press Release by Anambra State G177 on the Anambra State allotted police slots on 3rd September, 2015 – Ongoing Police recruitment process, Anambra State received 270 slots allotted to her to fill.

We uncovered plot by Aguleri people to Corner the slots to their town like they did on Army recruitment and others.

After Consultation across Anambra Towns on this issue, we resolve as follows:

• that we are taking it to our representatives in the State House of Assembly .

• that members of State House of Assembly are the people’s accredited representatives and they are mandated to represent our people in the affairs of our state .

• that Anambra State is made up of 177 towns with 30 members of Assembly representing them; and since we are allotted 270 police recruitment slots , every town in Anambra must get one slot at least!

• We also set up machineries across towns to follow this process in order to drive fairness and result.

• We also agreed that an Honourable member that is representing any of the towns denied a slot in this upcoming recruitment will face well-Coordinated recall from the House of Assembly by the people.

• Any town denied a slot, will be termed mark of poor Representative on the part of whoever that is representing such town in the House of Assembly.

And we shall push for the first ever successful recall in Nigeria.

• Also resolved to see to a fair Anambra State where the entire town will feel the impact of the government.

• We agreed that people are the engine room of democracy and that they have role especially as it concerns raising issues on public policies and suggesting alternative policies for the better Anambra State.

• We therefore call on 30 members of Anambra House of Assembly not to take Anambra People’s silence as a sign of weakness .Correct this ongoing imbalance through Parliamentary Intervention or face Mass Recall.

Choose what you want.

Enough is Enough!

Let’s Get Anambra Right Together!!

God Bless Anambra State!!!



Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia: 08032496183

Coordinator Anambra State G177

Chidi Arinze: 08033203331

Secretary Anambra State G177

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