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Poetry: “Disclaimer” – By Olugu Olugu Orji

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olugu olugu orjiI’m not as gifted as it seems

Nor nearly as popular as they say

I only choose to star in films

Where I’m the one that saves the day


I’m not as content as it appears

Nor achieved mastery over lust

I simply avoid envying my peers

And turn away when I must


I’m not half as strong as missus thinks

Because I strive always to put her at ease

I save my strength for only things

That make it look like I’m Hercules


Temperance isn’t exactly my forte

Please don’t make me your ascetic model

But I know to scram just when I ought

Keeping my balance to avoid the muddle


The one who called me hero lied

Or maybe cut the truth in two

I’ve only mastered to quietly hide

And skulk away to the nearest loo


A wench once snapped and cussed at me

And made me look like one big oaf

The crowd urged me a man to be

But I turned to munch my sumptuous loaf


Sometimes when I am dragged to fight

Pushed to the wall to clench my fist

I recall the mantra of a son of light

“The noble and wise come from the East!”


The race will often weary the fast

And those ahead may stumble and fall

The smart do sometimes come in last

So don’t feel bad the boss is dull


I don’t possess the Midas touch

I never held a silver spoon

What I have I treasure much

I never stoop to be another’s goon


My provision might be the least

I never think to succumb to pity 

I’ll always strive to make the list

I’ve learnt to run and run on empty


With all my eggs in a bowl of glass

I’ll lose all if they venture fall

I’m inspired by the Son of the virgin lass

Who gave up all to ransom all


In a world of boiling, seething rage

Where many itch to join the fray

I hear the voice of the Eternal Sage:

“The champ’s the one who walks away!”

© Olugu Olugu Orji  mnia; nnanta2012@gmail.com, oluguorji.wordpress.com

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