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PHOTO: Community forces burglars who stole alcohol to consume it in SA


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A trending video has shown the moment a gang of thieves were forced to consume strong alcoholic drinks they stole from a shop in South Africa.

The men numbering four broke into a store and made away with cartons of beer and some bottles of spirits.

A group of community men holding sticks can be heard in the background telling the suspects to drink the alcohol or face beating. One of the thieves has a swollen eye which suggests that he and his mates might have been beaten before the camera started recording them.

The suspects opted for downing the drinks.

When one was done with a bottle, he was handed another bottle to continue.

The camera did not capture the after-effects of the alcohol intake.

The man who uploaded the clip said the action was evidence that the community was fed up with the inefficiency of the South African Police Service (SAPS) as many past suspects apprehended and handed over to the police always found their way back into society.

Some social media said the treatment meted to the suspects was better than jungle justice.

However, some others pointed out that it was just as bad because the suspects could die from the intake of such a huge volume of alcohol at a go.


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