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Peter Obi: The Man of the People by the People and for the People!

By Chukwudịmma Aaron-Okonkwọ


For many decades too long, Nigeria hadn’t had a president who gives a listening ear to the yearnings and complaints of the whole populace. We haven’t had a presidential candidate who stops his campaign plan to do a physical assessment in almost all the 36 states of the federation so as to grasp first hand the felt needs of the people for permanent solutions to be done.

But our nation is actually blessed with such personalities whose first priority as leaders is empathy for the people.

Today, we have one in the Labour Party presidential candidate, HE Mr Peter Obi whose mantra for seeking to be elected our next president in the February 25th elections is all about lifting millions of devastated Nigerians out of poverty through revamping our consumption economy to an all-round production economy.

The author, Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo
The author, Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo


And believe me, the former governor of Anambra State means business, serious business, and will very sincerely implement all the policies for a new Nigeria. Have you seen the draft manifesto?

It was a manifesto carefully prepared with all Nigerians in mind for a brand new Nigeria where everything works together for good to them that love dear country, to them who want good salaries according to the hours they work per day.

Come on, let’s analyze small part of that manifesto. Assuming that minimum wage is N500 per hour and you can work a maximum of eight hours in a day; now, mathematically, we have: N500 x 8 hours = N4000. Now, assume that you work five days in a week, we calculate N4000 x 5 days gives N20,000 in a week. N20,000 in four weeks (a month) now gives N80,000.

Simple and great! Right? Yes, right! And this will ultimately result to lifting many of our people out of their pitiable state of pauperism across the country!

Yes, give it to Obi-Datti way! Vote wisely!

Aaron-Okonkwo writes for PO Express Media, POEM.


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