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Oshiomhole, Lying and Politics of blind Hate.

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As notoriously loquacious as ever, the forgotten-but-not-forgiven former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole is back to the ignoble business that relegated him to the dustbin of political irrelevance – LYING and HATING!

This former chairman of All Progressives Congress, APC contributed immensely to why Nigerian youths completely lost interest in voting for any Nigerian politician. Nobody, in the widest imagination, ever believed that the former fiery and seemingly people-oriented chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC could ever end up being anti-masses. Eight years of governance in Edo State exposed this man for what money and power could do to the desperate and small-minded . Bizarrely, Oshiomhole couldn’t manage both.

And here he is, attempting to malign the one man, who remained the same before, during and after his eight years as governor of Anambra State.

Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi
Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi


Read Oshiomhole, “Who was the governor when Bakassi developed and who solved the problem? So, if a man could not solve a security challenge in his own state, which requires courage. How can he convince you that he will solve security challenges all over Nigeria?

“Don’t take it from me, go to Youtube and find out the first six, nine months of Governor Obiano and ask yourself, who was his predecessor, it will tell you it’s, Peter.

2023: Peter Obi lacks capacity to solve security challenges  ― Oshiomhole

In his blind hate, Oshiomhole forgot, or chose to ignore, that the governor in charge of Anambra State when the Bakassi Boys menaced was HE Chinwoke Mbadinuju. HE Chris Ngige inherited the Bakassi days but had significantly almost ended their influence in the state before HE Peter Obi stepped in on March 17, 2006.

When Obi instantly cleared the then notorious Upper Iweka of all manner of criminals, whatever remained of the Bakassi Boys took instant flight. What Obi inherited was the new wave of kidnapping menace and related crimes.

But let’s ignore the Cape Verdean in-law for his blind hate that pushed him into the characteristic goof and tell the innocent Nigerians he tried to hoodwink the details of what HE Peter Obi did in the Security Sector in his state of Anambra as governor.


When Peter Obi was sworn in as governor, Anambra State was so terrible in areas of insecurity, almost like what obtains in Nigeria today. To imagine how bad, a sitting governor he succeeded was kidnapped, state institutions razed. Dare-devil kidnappers made the state a harvest haven. While some were daring and diabolical enough to live within, others operated from neighbouring states. From all corners, they rained havoc, torture, fear and general uncertainty.

By the time he was handing over in 2014, Anambra was one of the lowest crime states in Nigeria. This was possible because the man was relentless in resolve to redeem the state and her citizens from all manner of criminal activities.

To achieve this, the master planner partnered with the various security agencies in the state.

While he battled to alleviate and lift people out of poverty on one hand, he effectively motivated the security agencies with appropriate funds and modern equipment to combat the menace on the other.

When he tells you today that insecurity comes in two prongs of natural and defensive, he’s only talking from experience.

He set up a joint security taskforce and donated over 600 Patrol Vehicles to various Security Agencies such as The Police, The Army, Civil Defence, Customs, Immigration, NDLEA, Road Safety, Prisons, SSS, Navy and Community Vigilante organisations in the state. Note that all the 177 communities in the state had Government-paid vigilante services with adequate personnel and each community got at least a brand new patrol van with appropriate equipment.

Apart from patrol vehicles, Okwute equally provided Armoured Personnel Carriers, APC, Communication Gadgets, Repeater and Linker Stations, Base Stations, Mobile Vehicular Radios, Walkie-talkies, Generators, Logistics and huge financial support to various security agencies in the state. These hugely boosted their operations and efficiency.

This feat placed Anambra State as the number one state in Nigeria as far as partnership with, and support to, security agencies were concerned. The security agencies had no alternative than to deliver on the task they were adequately motivated to confront head-on.

But Obi did not stop here. He also pushed an executive bill through the State House of Assembly authorising the state to demolish all houses investigations ascertained belonged to kidnappers. Whistle-blowing was well-activated in Obi’s Anambra to rid dear state of those menacing criminals.

It was therefore not surprising that most daredevil criminals were either killed or taken into custody while few that survived ran very far away from the state.

Following pictures were taken during his tenure. Note that by that time he never was nursing any presidential ambition. They were just taken to keep records and guide his successor to keep to the CONTINUITY he promised the people.

Zoom in to read the inscriptions and then GO AND VERIFY.

Whatever Peter Gregory Obi promises today is not alien to him. He has done it before.

To prove more, follow this link by Vanguard on Gov Obi goes tough on kidnappers in Anambra published in 2012. https://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/08/gov-obi-goes-tough-on-kidnappers-in-anambra/

To buttress further, read the former Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Abubakar Mohammed on IG declares Anambra Safest since five years published.in 2014 by The Nation, shortly after Obi handed over power to his successor, Obiano. https://thenationonlineng.net/ig-declares-anambra-safest-since-five-years/

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