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Open letter to Ndigbo: Let us question ourselves


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1. For many years, Abia is defaulting in pensions, monthly salaries, and defaulting in public infrastructure, there is no Agricultural Initiative in Abia for the past 24 years that the PDP trio of Orji Kalu, Theodore Orji and Ikeazu governed Abia.

For all these years, allocations and IGR were paid and generated. Why did we keep quite all these while and never really asked the governors where the funds are? Even now, why are we not asking them where the funds have been kept.

Obviously, they were not saved in Abia State Accounts, they are not seen in public infrastructure, they are not seen in any industry built by the state government, they were not available to pay pensions, not available to pay even basic salaries.

Why did we keep quiet all these while until the money and time is gone, even now; why are we not asking them to explain?

2. Ekwulobia Flyover has been 8 months in the making and only pillars have been partly erected. There is hardly any state transforming projects going on in Anambra State.

Our dear governor has resurfaced some roads in Onitsha and constructed some other roads in Awka North and Aguata; he is continuing Anambra West LGA HQ road for the past 2 years, a 10km road. Frankly, the governor of Anambra State cannot be said to be idle, but is it not time too begin to ask, Prof, is this it?

Can we justify Anambra allocations and IGR with these things we are seeing sir? Prof sir, what exactly is the focus of this your government? Prof, where is the report on the building collapse in Onitsha that claimed some lives?

So, for all these weeks, your committee has not established who owns the building, who is the contractor, who designed it, who approved it? That building was called Solution Plaza, with some saying it belonged to you Mr. Governor, is it true? Mr. Governor, what are you doing about security in Anambra?

Mr. Governor sir, what have you done to combat the draconian behaviour of your appointed officials which has become some sort of signature of your administration, with your appointed members unleashing physical torture on Ndi Anambra for even the offense of overtaking a government convoy carrying the almighty ACTDA chairperson?

My dear Ndigbo, what time is ripe to begin to ask Prof. Soludo these questions and more? Where are Anambra State allocations going to really?

3. The Governor of Enugu State is doing something I like. I am informed that around Obiagu, and some other areas, that municipal water supply is now flowing into homes for those that have connected? I hope this information is true. But obviously, I have seen giant pipe works going on in Enugu city.

This is long overdue and commendable, makes one wonder why it has taken this long to solve a basic critical city need. All the same, it is not out of pllace to ask the governor, what is the plan? is this the first phase? Where is it covering?

What is the bigger picture and is there a sustainable plan to ensure that the entire Enugu metropolis is serviced with clean water beyond your tenure? It is not out of place to ask the Governor what the plans are for “abandoned communities in Enugu State”.

There are some communities that still have no tarred roads connecting them, still fetching water from dirty streams, what is the plan to end this abandonment? Hello Mr. Mbah, how much have you borrowed thus far if you have borrowed money? What are they for?

Why are you borrowing at this time, do you have projects that a beyond the state allocation and IGR capacity? What are the repayment plans or are you planning of leaving it to add to the already huge debt burden of Enugu State?

Ndigbo, what time is best to ask these questions? Today or after Mbah has left office?

4. What exactly is happening in Ebonyi State? Are we even allowed to ask? The Airport has continued to show up in budgets, is it done or not done? What can be done to make that airport to be something more than a landing place for the governor and other dignitaries chattered flights?

What are the major projects of Ebonyi State in terms of infrastructure, human capital development? Ebonyi needs to rise beyond Abakiliki. Whilst Abakiliki will remain the capital, there is the need to deliberately spring two more cities, with Afikpo as one are to build another city and maybe and maybe an Industrial city around Nkalagu in Ishielu.

There is the need for the government to be deliberate about opening up for business, giving incentive to businesses to come to Ebonyi State and establish as against what has been reported and continued to be reported. Why are these not happening?

Governor Ifeanyi, what is being done to offset the already huge debt burden of Ebonyi State? is Ebonyi increasing debt or offsetting them? How much of Ebonyi monthly revenue and allocations goes into servicing the already existing debts?

Ndigbo, when is the right time to begin to ask these questions?

5. Imo State: I obviously have no questions for Hope Uzodimma. I do not know what to ask him. But then, Ndigbo, should we not be asking Hope some questions? Are we all short of words like me on Imo State? I would have liked to ask questions, but not at Hope.

I wish there is someone I can ask about Eastern Palm University. Is it for Rochas or for Imo State? All those abandoned Hospitals, and other projects that Rochas used to fleece Imo State, will they be completely wasted?

I wish there is someone I can ask what exactly is happening in Imo. Where are the Imo State allocations going into?

Some days back, Uba Sanni came out to distract Nigerians who are willing to be distracted, about huge debt profile of Kaduna. When the debts were mounting, why did Uba not ask questions? Why wait until the unexplained debt mounted to this unsustainable height?

I am not interested in Kaduna’s debt profile and I am not asking Uba Sanni or El-Rufai any thing, I am just using it to draw our attention.

For 8 years, Willie wasted Anambra’s time and resources, and those of us who tried in our little capacity to call the attention of Ndigbo to the mounting waste, we were called names. Should we not begin to ask questions before the damages are complete?

Why are we so fixated on other sides of Nigeria whereas we have serious issues in the se Nigeria that are enough for national news?

Concerned citizens of Anambra State

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