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Olisa Metuh, Emeakayi’s suspension is irrevocable and irreversible – PDP

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Olisa Metuh[Olisa Metuh]

Our attention has been drawn to an attempt by Olisa Metuh and Ken Emeakayi to twist facts in Anambra state, a failed diversionary attempt primarily aimed at

eliciting sympathy for themselves and their cronies. We wish to state here that Ken Emeakayi and Olisa Metuh remains suspended from Anambra State PDP and have been directed by the stake-holders and party officials in the state to hand over any property of the party in their possession to Hon Osita Ezenwa the state Chairman of  PDP. Any person or persons that transact any party business with Ken Emeakayi and Olisa Metuh on behalf of Anambra State PDP does so at his own risk

One should have expected Metuh and Emeakayi to answer or counter the corruption charges raised against them that necessitated their Suspension from the PDP, but no, they instead degenerated to lies, more lies and threat to innocent PDP members in the state. For the benefit of doubts, the following charges were brought forward by Otolo Ward 1 and PDP Nnewi North LGA of Anambra state that led to Olisa Metuh’s suspension. Viz

1. Embezzlement and diversion of over N100 million meant for Anambra PDP into the account of his company – Pettergon Nigeria Limited.

FACTS. Pls find attached a letter from the EFCC on the complaints against Olisa Metuh and Pettergon Nigeria Ltd

2. He publicly disrespected the ex-President after our party lost the March 28 Presidential Election. He demanded that Jonathan should give his account of stewardship to him

FACTS.  Let Metuh refute attacking Jonathan Goodluck and his wife on the 28th of June, 2015, late at night at his residence at Prince and Princess Estate Abuja, castigating and insulting Jonathan and his wife in the presence of numerous Party Stake-holders

3. He seized from Nnamdi Nwangwu, Campaign Coordinator of the ex-President in Metuh’s local government and embezzled over N12 million sent there for the presidential election in Nnewi-North and released no dime from it. The presidential election was executed financially by friends of the Ex-President after Metuh had embezzled the funds meant for the presidential election in his local government area

FACTS. On April 9th, 2015 during a Stake-holders meeting, Dr Ifeanyi Uba of Capital Oil Ltd was so concerned and attacked Hon Okey Ezenwa, the Campaign Coordinator of Dr Goodluck Jonathan in Anambra State and asked why he didn’t release money for the election in Nnewi North. Hon Okey Ezenwa was surprised and became embarrassed and called Hon Nwangwu to whom he gave the Campaign Fund to and Hon Nwangwu told him in the Presence of the Stake-holders that Olisa Metuh took the Money from him. It was Dr Ifeanyi Uba and Chief Cletus Ibeto that brought their personal Money to Finance the election

4. Metuh “openly worked against re-election of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan after embezzling over N300 million given to him by the ex-President.

FACTS. On May 3, 2015, Sahara reporters obtained a document detailing how Olisa Metuh and co embezzled party funds meant for the presidential election and published accordingly. They quoted as follows @ Sahara Reporters .Olisa Metuh is not saying that he didn’t steal. He is not even worried about the figures he is bandying about. He is saying that the Presidency is a greater thief. Olisa Metuh is not corruption. Olisa Metuh is not impunity. Olisa Metuh is wickedness.


These and sundry charges were brought against Olisa Metuh and Ken Emeakayi but in their usual diversionary and deceitful disposition, instead of addressing issues raised, they went ahead and stampeded Hon Nnamdi Nwangwu to refute the claims that he took N12 Million Naira party fund. When Hon Nwangwu refused, they wrote press releases to that effect without his consent. Metuh and his foot soldiers also failed in their assertion that the Chairman of Otolo Nnewi PDP Ward 1 in Nnewi North LGA is Mr. Emeka Ikejiuba. This is also a wicked lie. Mr Emeka Ikejiuba is from Okofia Otolo and studied Pharmacy at the University of Nigeria, he does not live in Nigeria at the moment. The Chairman of PDP Otolo Ward 1 is Mr John Ulasi and not Mr Emeka Ikejiuba as Olisa Metuh and his cohorts claimed

We have to get the facts right. Olisa Metuh is suspended and remains suspended.

We speak facts, we speak truth and we speak life and resurrection. Life to those raped by the treachery of Metuh’s engineered selfishness. Life to those left out and left behind, downtrodden, politically abused and ostracized by Ken Emeakayi’s deceits and political recklessness. And I speak resurrection to all genuine PDP Stake-holders and grassroots rendered invisible all these years by the charades of the duo of Ken Emeakayi and Metuh. 

This is a moment of truth and a moment of decision. And for the first time in many years, the stake-holders and the State Executive came out with one voice…..OLISA METUH MUST GO 

We use this precious opportunity to thank all the stake-holders, party leaders and genuine PDP leaders in Anambra State who have been with us in this struggle to kick injustice out of Anambra State. Now that Olisa Metuh and Ken Emeakayi have been Suspended. I wish to encourage you all. There is more work to be done to reclaim our state back to its former glory. Every man’s greatest comfort is to have his friends close at hand. In the heat of battle, it ceases to be a reason for which we fight. Rather we fight for the man on our left and we fight for the man on our right. Even when the battle is fought and won, all that remains is the memory of those precious moments we spent side by side fighting for a common cause


Ken Emeakayi’s and Olisa Metuh’s suspension by the Anambra State PDP is irrevocable

Pharm Ikeagwuonwu Klinsmann C


For and on behalf of:


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