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Okorocha and his habits: Yes it is true (pt. 2)

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Citizen Ikenna Samuelson IwuohaFew days ago, precisely on the 17th August 2015, I wrote the Part one of this piece where-in the fraud called Imo Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha and his

cohorts were further exposed to the whole World (Okorocha and his habits; yes it is true). In the write-up I promised to do the Part two, Part 3, Part 4 etc., so that the reading public, including the Presidency, Force Headquarters, ICPC, and EFCC would come to the realization that we have a thief in our midst in Imo State as the State Governor.

When the article was made public, the Imo State Government quaked to its very foundation. Nevertheless, the Okorocha led government fought back by attacking my facebook accounts. They equally attempted to hack into my known e-mail addresses in a bid to get hold of the bulk E-mails in my possession so as to frustrate my efforts in getting across to the public.

However, while they succeeded in tampering with one of my facebook accounts which has been blocked, Almighty God did not allow them to hack or break into my email addresses. To the glory of God, I always forward information to over 3.2 million e-mail addresses globally.

Furthermore, the article was followed up with a well-crafted petition to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), written by Barrister Kissinger Ikeokwu, who is an Owerri based legal practitioner.

Presently, the State Government has bugged my telephone line, bugged my house; and the rubber stamp Imo State Police Command has been reportedly instructed to mount surveillance on me. But I am not intimidated. Almighty God is using me to expose evil, corruption and crime in our society.  Therefore, I will never recoil in my timidity. The Imo State Police Command is therefore warned in their own interest to be very careful. The role they foolishly played by conniving with Governor Rochas Okorocha and Ex-Speaker Benjamin Uwajumogu last year, to accuse me and my wife of murder, after the plot to assassinate me on the 3rd of June 2014 failed, is still very fresh in the minds of the people of Imo, Nigerians and the global Community. We should all join hands with President Muhammadu Okechukwu Buhari to fight and expose evil, crime and corruption in our society, to the glory of Almighty God. Amen.


All the Local Government fraud perpetuated by Governor Rochas Okorocha was done with the active connivance of Mr. Osita Nwosu, who is the Auditor General of Local Governments in Imo State. To deceive the public and divert attention from his stealing of Local Government Funds, Rochas Okorocha creates the impression that the 27 Local Government areas have corrupt officials. Thereafter, he brings his hatchet man, Osita Nwosu, who would screen to high heavens that there is padding and falsification of Local Government Salary structure. By padding, Okorocha and Osita Nwosu means ghost workers or fictitious names padded up as local government staffs. Pronto, Osita Nwosu would embark on a so called verification of Local Government staff auditing. This same Osita Nwosu has done repeated Local Government verification without proof of any of their allegations, at least for now.

Osita Nwosu is the one that payrolls Local Government Staffs, he prepares the payment vouchers and also post audits the same salary ledger he prepares. Let me at this point state that the only role each Local Government plays is the paying of salaries which Osita Nwosu prepares. Since this is the fact, at what point then did padding take place? The truth is that the charade is a design by Governor Rochas Okorocha to divert attention while he loots Local Government allocation. Another charade which he uses to divert attention is the so called CGC (Community Government) which in truth is non-existent. By assisting Okorocha to divert Local Government allocation, Osita Nwosu receives his commission on monthly basis. I will come to that shortly.

The Salaries of each of the Local Government in Imo State do not take more than N30millon. If you multiply that by 27 LGAs in the state, you will have N870 million. But monthly Local Government Allocation is in the region of N4 billion naira. Sometimes it will be as high as N5 billion naira. The question any reasonable person should ask is, what does Okorocha do with the remaining N3billion to N4billion of the Local Government Allocation? There is no single development going on at the Local Government. It therefore logical for a discerning or rational mind to conclude that Okorocha steals the Local Government funds. This is where the so called Transition Committee Chairmen comes in. And this is the main reason why Okorocha has refused to conduct Local Government Election in the State.

To ensure that he was (is) not disturbed in his looting of Local Government allocations, each of the Honourable members in the last House of Assembly were reportedly receiving the sum of N5 million monthly while the  then Speaker (Rt. Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu) was receiving N20 million monthly. This approximates total payment to about N1 billion naira. Okorocha diverts the remaining N3 billion to N4 billion and reportedly shares about 10% of the diverted loot to his kitchen cabinet while pocketing the rest 90%. This is what he does on monthly basis. At this point, let me say that Ex-Speaker Benjamin Uwajumogu was Okorocha’s errand boy and so many fraudulent deals were executed by the Ex-Speaker. This will be made public in subsequent series.

Back to Mr. Osita Nwosu, the Auditor General of Local Government in Imo State. For assisting Governor Rochas Okorocha to loot Local Government funds, Osita Nwosu has been handsomely rewarded. He is today one of the richest Civil Servants in Imo State. He reportedly has over 25 two-storey buildings scattered all over the state, which he acquired in his mother’s name. Recently, Osita Nwosu moved into his palatial mansion located at Egbeada Housing Estate, Owerri. The mansion was built within 12 months, and it is reportedly valued at N600 million. For assisting Okorocha to loot Local Government funds, the governor equally turns a blind eye to how Osita Nwosu rips off Local Government Staff through fraudulent activities. Perhaps an exposition will prove me right. In the last quarter of 2014, Mr. Osita Nwosu connived with one Mr. Ambrose Onuoha, who is the President of National Union of Local Government Employees, NULGE (Imo State chapter) with the tacit approval of Okorocha to rip off the Local Government staff through a fraudulent I.D. card project at N3, 000 per person. This was done, as one of the strategies to buy over the loyalty of the Auditor General (Osita Nwosu) and that of NULGE president (Ambrose Onuoha), and for them to continue to overlook what he (the Governor) is doing with the Local Government Allocation. There are over 17,600 Local Government staffs in the 27 Local Government Areas of the State. If you multiply that number by the N3, 000 = charged each of them for the Identity card, you will have N52, 800,000 – (fifty two million eight hundred thousand naira only). But ordinarily, an identity card is not supposed to be more than N250 per person. Governor Rochas Okorocha deliberately allowed Mr. Osita Nwosu to obtain the new ID card for the Local Government staff at 1200% cost, so that the Auditor General and his NULGE counterpart would continue to turn blind eyes to his continues looting of Local Government Allocation. The I.D. card scam project was paid from Local Government salaries, and Mr. Osita Nwosu collected it at source before disbursement of salaries.

Governor Rochas Okorocha has several methods of diverting Local Government funds. Another example will open the eyes of the reading public. In the first quarter of 2012, during Okorocha’s first tenure, he reportedly invited all Senior Local Government Staff in Imo State for a meeting at Ahiajoku Convention Centre. During the meeting, the Governor claimed ignorance of not knowing that the Local Governments are (were) under-funded, to the extent that the councils do not have functional operational vehicles. The Governor there and then pledged to make available to each of the 27 Directors of Administration and General Services (DAGS) of Councils one Hilux Van, One Hummer Bus and an official car. 

Of course, the purchases would be done with the Local Government funds. Till this moment that promise has remained a mirage, as all the DAGS still move about in their private vehicles. Rather, what Okorocha reportedly did after that meeting with Senior Local Government Staff, was to use Allocations of Local Government to purchase expensive cars for himself, his wife (Nkechi), his daughters, his in-laws and finally smaller vehicles for his aides. Having dissolved or discarded the appointed T.C. chairmen three months ago, Okorocha now uses the DAGS to run the Local Government Areas. In a recent meeting with 27 DAGS, Okorocha was reminded of his failed promise to provide official vehicles for them and he reportedly told them to continue waiting for the vehicles.  

Having  gone this far, the reading public can now understand why Rochas Okorocha ordered Ex-Speaker  Benjamin Uwajumogu to kill me on the 3rd of June 2014. And when that plot failed, they connived with the very corrupt, shameless, idiotic and rubber stamp Imo State Police Command led by Mr. Abdulmajid Ali (08033104650) as Commissioner, Mr. David O. Folawiyo (0803200195) as Deputy Commissioner and Mr. Innocent Obi (08037139335) as the I.P.O to accuse me and my wife of murder; and we were criminally and fraudulently put in prison. All these were aimed to stop me from exposing the thief called Rochas Okorocha, having exposed the criminal activities of Ex-Speaker Uwajumogu earlier.

In the Part 3 of this piece, I will give further insight of the fraudster called Rochas Okorocha and his Local Government Scam.

The battle to further expose Rochas Okorocha and his cohorts is on-going; the people of Imo State is therefore called upon to join forces with patriotic sons and daughters of the state so that the Imo of our dream would be realized, in Jesus mighty name I pray – Amen.

Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

Former Senior Special Assistant on Media

Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties 

Imo State House of Assembly


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