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Okigwe Global Elders Forum communique: a mere declaration of deceit

"The Unvarnished Truth" ~ by Dan Lawrence Oyiriaru


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I just read with dismay and regret the Communiqué recently released by the ‘’Okigwe Global Elders Forum (OKGEF) at the end of their General Council meeting held on the 16th of June 2024 at the palace of HRM Eze Dr. Oliver Ohanwe of Isi- Ama Autonomous Community in Isiala Mbano local government of Imo State.

I would have deemed it very unnecessary and most inconsequential to react to what I would rather consider a boring and intellectually sterile communiqué, having decided before now to restrain myself from further commenting on any matter concerning the OKGEF and their activities, on personal reasons; but had to change my mind after going through the ill-conceived and deceitful communiqué.

For my conscience will not acquaint me as a true patriotic son of Okigwe zone if I fail to condemn this daylight insult and falsehood garnished and clothed in rhetorical verbiage that lacked any depth of spirit but came across as something dusted up from somewhere unimaginable; a communiqué that did not emanate from present day political reality.

It will also further amount to travesty and irresponsible abdication of my individual civil responsibility to fold my arms and watch our zone dragged to the mud.

Despite the fiery rage I felt after reading through the communiqué, I still had to mentally edit my words; I did not allow myself the freedom to scream the obscenities that were begging to come out, hence I decided to stay in control and maintain civility at this time when nothing seem civil. In truth, there are probably no expletives strong enough to describe how I view and understand it.

The current unending conversation on Imo state charter of equity may be heading to the rock if the direction, objectives and commitment to its pursuit are not holistic and transparent. This is so because those who succeeded in its adoption seem to have one thing in common to which history testifies.

Apparently, they seem to own their success to the incredible commitment, courage and sincerity of its promoters who led the mobilization team, especially in the face of violent deception and betrayals to its implementation from those who benefit from the zone’s incapacitation and deprivation.

A lesson of history, according to “David Korten”, is that every great social movement begins with a set of ideas validated, internalized and then shared and amplified through the media, grass root sensitization, organization and conversations, honest conversations for that matter.

Fredrick Douglas, the great abolitionist, opined that, the history of the progress of human liberty shows that all concessions yet made to liberty, freedom, equity and justice have been born of complexity. Earnest struggle, that if there is no struggle, there is no change; that power concedes nothing which it is not compelled to and nothing which is not demanded.

It never has, and never will; that injustice, wrong and domination will always continue, unless they are resisted through a well-articulated dialogue and arrangement, because the limits of oppressors are always determined by the endurance and nonchalant attitude of those whom they oppress.

For Orlu and Owerri zone to be planning and strategizing to occupy the seat of government at Douglas House come 2028, (though their constitutional right), but for justice and equity and in fulfillment of the much talked about and highly celebrated “Imo Charter of Equity”, it will certainly amount to stretching their self-ambition to a breaking point, especially, Orlu Zone.

It is a clear example of what primordial politics of domination is all about; but for Owerri zone, we supported and voted overwhelmingly for them in 2019, through Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, of the PDP.

How he lost the seat seven months after at the Supreme Court is still a mystery; as that matter and ruling is today a new lexicon in our legal jurisprudence. Okigwe zone, cannot therefore in good conscience bear and or suffer the consequence of that judicial murder.

Now, let us studiously and passionately examine the main kernel of this discoursem “the communiqué” released by “OKGEF”. But before giving a lie to it, it is evidently clear that those who drafted it are only dancing the tune of group of faceless drummers; perfectly and heartlessly primed to pluck our political feathers in a bid to make us, the entire Okigwe zone fly an ordinary pitch.

  1. Number 7 of their communiqué, sycophantically and selfishly promised to firmly support whoever the governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma will groom ‘’democratically’’ as his successor from Okigwe zone. What audacity? What impetus? What an insult? What a sycophantic pronouncement? READ IT AGAIN;

    To firmly support whoever the governor will groom democratically from Okigwe zone. (I wonder what is democratic in this system of adopting whoever the governor groomed) even when he grooms a goat, a sheep or a donkey? This is the height of imbecility writ large. It is an insult on our sensibility.

  1. Number 4. I put it to OKGEF that Okigwe zone, in all honesty did not give APC, the acclaimed 115,124 valid votes; they may have fraudulently given that number of votes, but certainly not ‘’valid votes’’ meaning that their claim is not only false but dubious and deceitful; an iniquitous lie.

    Does it mean that the only qualification and right Okigwe zone parade for the governorship seat of the state come 2028 is only for voting the governor during his second term contest? This is beguiling, knavish, and roguish and a clandestine claim aimed at deceiving the governor and his APC party; confirmatory to the fact that our value proportion and moral chemistry experienced erosion over time.

Furthering on the same communiqué, it is reasonable to note that deleting and refusing to talk, address and discuss the sharing of the rice palliatives (OKGEF SHARE) as contained in their general council meeting agenda of 16th June does not completely erase it from our mind.

It cannot be whitewashed or deodorize the stinking odor of covetousness, greed and appropriation of what ordinarily belonged to the poor masses of Okigwe zone. It must have to be addressed because they are still in custody of the rice; shying away or pretending it never existed will rather compound the already bad and heightened situation in the zone and state at large.

Ndi-Okigwe zone should reject this in its entirety being product of warped opinion, submission and sycophantic deductions and elevated self-contradiction of our values as a people. Truth be told, this group does not have the preparation, the competence, the qualification and moral strength to speak for us.

Their views and submission and promise of adopting, supporting and voting for whoever the governor grooms suffers destitute of merit; it is illogical, demeaning, congruous and ludicrous; it is dull and full of dubious intentions without conviction.

Consequently therefore, this communiqué if allowed to stand will automatically transfer our constitutional right to choose who governs us to the whims and caprices of the governor, who is the leader of his party APC in the state. What happens to other political parties?  Who told them that the governor’s party will return in 2028?

If that is their belief and thinking, it then means they have already conducted, rigged and won the Imo 2028 Guber election, before the election proper. This is preposterous to say the least.

They should be told in clear terms that 2027 is not going to be like 2023; something unimaginable is going to happen; because with this kind of mindset, one shudders to discover and wonder why our leaders and elders could live in this 21st century and still remain anachronistic like Stone Age provincial overlords.

The unanswered question that continues to agitate our minds is: why and when did our politics turned to a trade where character plays no more role in the choice of who represent our common interest? Thereby, allowing and encouraging people of doubtful character to parade themselves as our leaders in perpetuity.

Most annoying is the desecration of our revered traditional institutions by our traditional rulers, who now wear two robes, one in the night and one in the day; and most times wear the two robes the same time; otherwise, tell me why traditional rulers who are supposed to be apolitical, non-partisan and fathers of all, and custodians of our culture and tradition; who now head the orchestra band of any government in power; revered fathers who should be everything royal; both to those in power and those in opposition.

This is in fact a total and shameful reversal of our cherished cultural and traditional values. It is unacceptable and must stop; and now.

Chief Dan Lawrence Oyiriaru

(Ohamadike Obowo)

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