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Oh yes! Obasanjo’s endorsement of Peter Obi is about Self-Determination


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09 January 2023


On 13 December 2021, there was a meeting about security and the future of Nigeria convened by Vision Africa and the Global Peace Foundation. Attending the meeting held at Transcorp Hotel in Abuja either physically or by Zoom were former President Obasanjo, the Sultan of Sokoto, Rev. Pam Yakubu, Sheikh Gumi, Gani Adams, former Governor Obong Victor Attah, Madam Ankio Briggs, and many others.

Those present at the meeting “identified key areas of the country’s national life that must be urgently addressed to douse the socio-political and economic challenges as well as the separatist and Self-Determination agitations in the country”. Afterwards they issued a Communiqué.

That Communiqué condemned the 1999 Constitution for being an injustice, and “Oligo-military in nature and not representing the collective interest of Nigerians…” so it needed to be changed. It is most important to note certain things. Note 1, this meeting took place one year after the Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) had been declared by the indigenous peoples under the umbrella of NINAS, citing constitutional grievances and Repudiating the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, thereby starting the process of Decommissioning it. Note 2, the CFM Notice had spelt out the 2-Stage process for obtaining fresh and proper constitutional arrangements, using due process and the same steps followed in the 1950s before Independence. Note 3, The CFM Strategy is one that upholds the Sovereignty of indigenous Ethnic Nations, with unfettered use of their inalienable right to Self-Determination.


Meanwhile, whereas the Communiqué issued by the “Obasanjo group” (let it be called that for the purposes of this article) concluded that the 1999 Constitution was not fit for purpose and needed to be changed, rather than follow the due process CFM Strategy that they had had a full year to scrutinize and interrogate, chose the invalid: “We call on the government to begin a process of constitution review, amend and rework the Constitution…” How many times must those who disingenuously talk of “constitution review” be told that being a FORGERY, it is a nonsense and a deceit to “review” the 1999 Constitution since “we the people” did not write it or agree it, thus the only proper thing to do is to throw out that Document wholesale, and start afresh to get new constitutional protocols?


An article describing this “Obasanjo group” meeting and its Communiqué is in the NOTES section below. The Communiqué went further to say, “Government at all levels must revisit and show sincere effort at understanding the core issues of dissidence and Self-Determination in Nigeria…” and “We, therefore, commit to keeping the conversation room open for further dialogue so as to address and resolve the common challenge that is deepening this divide…”. Note 4, another year has passed and the fraudulent 1999 Constitution remains in operation, plus government has evaded any discussions with NINAS and about Self-Determination.


Coming now to Obasanjo’s January 1, 2023 endorsement of presidential candidate Peter Obi. Likely, he, like most Nigerians is alarmed at the frightening state of the country. Strangely though, having a year before in that meeting mentioned above, agreed with the NINAS position that the root cause of Nigeria’s plight is the fraudulent 1999 Constitution that Obasanjo himself had foisted upon the people, why did he not say that in his lengthy open letter? Much of it he addresses to the youth and warns them with, “Let nobody pull wool over your eyes”. Yet, by not telling them that the root cause of their miseries is the illegitimate 1999 Constitution, is he not trying to deceive young people? Obasanjo was toeing the line that all those pushing to elections in Nigeria toe – that is, that there is a leadership problem, and once that is sorted out, Nigeria would improve. So for this round of elections, Obasanjo had chosen to support Obi. However, blaming Nigeria’s dysfunction on a “leadership problem” is now being debunked as a false narrative. “Nigeria” is a Structure created by the forgery called 1999 Constitution, and it is a Structure that denies the Ethnic Nations their Sovereignty and Self-Determination, so the people can be said to be in a slave camp. Therefore HOW can changing the slaves’ overseer bring about any good? The people are in a SLAVE CAMP! They are in a Structure not created by them, therefore they must leave the slave camp first to regain their Sovereignty and Self-Determination, so that now they can create systems of their choosing where that good leader can emerge.


The open letter gives us clues as to why Obasanjo could personally fear Self-Determination. He would be a beneficiary of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution via Section 6, Subsection 6(d) which shields military administrations from crimes committed from 15 January 1966 to 29 May 1999, including murder, genocide and misappropriation of public funds. Therefore he says to young people, “Leave the past, face the future”!


Note 5, Sovereignty is overridden and Self-Determination hijacked in the Preamble of the 1999 Constitution. Those who hope to continue to impose Nigeria’s criminal Structure need to preserve the falsehoods in the Preamble. That is where Peter Obi comes in. He said in interview in August 2022 on News Central, “The Constitution might have its own problem but that Constitution is not what is keeping us where we are today…”. Later, in a tweet on 1 September 2022 he wrote, “The review of the Constitution will be part of the overall restructuring Nigerians desire. It will entail legislative, executive and judicial actions. Ultimately the Nigerian people will decide.” That is the same invalid disingenuous response to the fraudulent constitutional arrangement of Nigeria that the Communiqué of the “Obasanjo group” had put out. This “solution” is one that maintains the lies in the Preamble of the illegitimate 1999 Constitution, and so Ethnic Nations would not regain their right to Self-Determination. Therefore, Obasanjo’s endorsement of Peter Obi is about Self-Determination. It is the fear of Ethnic Nations having Self-Determination.


Note 6, by hijacking Self-Determination (and Sovereignty), and through its provisions, that 1999 Constitution is the realization of Ahmadu Bello’s Declaration of 1960 that with the British physically gone, Nigeria would become the “estate” of the immigrant settler Fulani. It would be a territory conquered by them, and where the natives would never be allowed control over their lives. Ahmadu Bello specifically stated that willing tools (from among the indigenous peoples) would be used to bring about this Fulanization conquest. So where Nigerians are now is this: is it to be Elections or Transitioning? Elections 2023 would renew the life of the 1999 Constitution, but Transitioning instead, provides the environment for correcting Nigeria’s constitutional arrangement as well as resolves the lingering Union Dispute. By pushing for elections at this time of national stresses and the clamour for Self-Determination, both Obasanjo and his protégé Obi are standing with Ahmadu Bello.




Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.




For a fuller list of those present at this meeting, please see the list as reported by the Sun newspaper titled, “Obasanjo, Sultan, ethnic leaders, others list ways how to save Nigeria”, published 23 December 2021.

Link:  https://www.sunnewsonline.com/obasanjo-sultan-ethnic-leaders-others-list-ways-how-to-save-nigeria/




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