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Of Drug Allegation and the Stolen Mandate

By Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

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Queuing in the scorching sun across the country and resisting all manner of violence to cast their votes on February 25th, well-meaning Nigerians that wanted a stop to APC’s wickedness voted the LP candidate, HE Mr Peter Obi to be their next president after HE Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

They avoided electing a known drug baron which APC fielded. They avoided electing an alleged Boko Haram sponsor which the same APC fielded as its vice presidential candidate.

Such progressive Nigerians vowed that never again will political rogues; the builders of the structures of criminality rule over them; hence they chose those with proven records of competence, character and credibility to lead them into a new Nigeria.

The author, Chukwudimma Aaron-Okonkwo

The duo of the Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed were their overwhelming choice during the last presidential election. Alas, as an alleged drug baron he has always been, the APC candidate, Mr Bola Tinubu connived with INEC through their chairman to subvert the good will of the people.

And knowing he has a man who can easily execute his criminal bidding at the Supreme Court, he openly through Prof. Mahmood Yakubu told the true winner of the presidential election to go to court.

Now that Obi-Datti has entered the court with an unbreakable confidence, praying that they be declared the rightful winner, Mr Tinubu has been seething with rage.

But patriotic Nigerians are still determined that a drug baron must not reign over them. All they want is for the stolen mandate to be returned. And Obi-Datti is here to come.


Aaron writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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