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Ochanja water fountain: How sponsors of water fountain “skit” fooled themselves

By Christian ABURIME


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A cherished oasis amidst the urban hustle and bustle of Onitsha, the clear, fresh flowing waters of the Ochanja Roundabout fountain made a refreshing spectacle symbolically reflecting Anambra State’s renaissance under Governor Charles Soludo’s leadership. Yet, like a discordant note in a symphony, mischief-makers have sought to tarnish this landmark through deceit and vandalism in order to orchestrate a scandal.

This has been the pattern of desperate opposition elements seeking to rubbish the work of the government for self-seeking ends.

Before the Soludo administration came to office, the Ochanja Roundabout had an unenviable history preceding its transformation. It was once a putrid mountain of refuse and animal carcasses which repelled residents and commuters alike, just as it stalled vehicular traffic and economic activity.

For over two decades, the
roundabout had been an eyesore upon Onitsha, a source of disgust and discontent. But Governor Soludo came and turned the eyesore into a point of pride, a symbol of the state’s commitment to environmental health, traffic flow, economic vitality,
and aesthetic excellence.

Regrettably, an arranged video started circulating online on Monday, painting a different spectacle of the fountain, one orchestrated by those who don’t like to see good things happen in Anambra. The sight of a water vendor pouring jerry cans of water into the dry fountain base is not a consequence of shoddy construction or lack of maintenance by the government, but rather the handiwork of vandals sponsored by political desperados.

This staged spectacle aims to discredit the Soludo government’s achievements and sow seeds of doubt amongst the populace. But while mischief-makers can fool some people sometimes, they cannot fool everyone all the time. Let it be known that no agency of the Anambra State government engaged the services of the water vendor seen in the video.

It was all staged by naysayers. How reasonable is it that a government would even hire a water vendor to refill the fountain in broad daylight and have it captured on video? Obviously, the sponsors of the water fountain ‘skit’ fooled themselves

Meanwhile, it has also been discovered that the non-functional state of the fountain is the direct result of sabotage by willful vandalism, a deplorable act perpetrated by those who would rather see Anambra mired in the past than embracing progress and a brighter future. But the saboteurs will continue to fail in their anti-progress antics.

While the functionality of the fountain may have been temporarily tampered with, the spirit that drove this transformation remains unbroken. The fountain will be fixed, and Governor Soludo’s tireless dedication to transforming every corner of the state shall not be deterred by such petty machinations.

The mischief-makers would do well to abandon their campaign of calumny and instead channel their energies towards more constructive endeavours.

For Ndi Anambra, eternal vigilance is the price to pay for sustainable progress. The people, not the government alone, have to take responsible ownership and protection of the various public projects being constructed with taxpayers’ money.

The Ochanja Roundabout fountain remains one of good examples of what can be achieved when vision and determination converge for transformation. The waters of the fountain may have been momentarily stilled, but the currents of progress in Anambra State shall continue to flow, carrying the state towards ever greater heights of prosperity and beauty.

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