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Obidients, is it your mandate, or Peter Obi’s? Let’s discuss


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We need to talk about Obidients (supporters of Peter Obi) and Peter Obi because evidence shows that Obi was the actual winner of the botched February 2023 presidential elections. The signs are there, and the previous history is there too, to act as forewarning for how it will all end if the right type of intervention is not done.

We know how it ended for MKO Abiola who won the 1993 election but he got shoved aside. Now, thirty years later Obi is also hoping to “reclaim my Mandate” the context being retrieving his stolen presidential Mandate from Tinubu. He also had said that his supporters had invested their hopes in him, and he wrote,

“I encourage Nigerians to remain calm and steadfast in the journey to reclaiming their Mandate of a New Nigeria. I will never give up on this journey until victory is achieved.”

Can we pause and consider? Let us go back to the history of Nigeria from the 1950s because there we will find knowledge on how to reestablish a safe future. Our forefathers knew that for Nigeria to work at all, it must be as a FEDERATION.

Then, things soured and before the Biafra Genocide, there was the Aburi Accord of January 1967 where, given all the miseries that had occurred, it was agreed that for any Union called Nigeria to continue forward, it must now be as a CONFEDERATION.

Let us hold onto that knowledge tightly: For anything good to come out of Nigeria, the country must be at the minimum a Federation, but a Confederation would even be better to accommodate the diversity of cultures.

Since they all claimed to want a prospering and “united” Nigeria, WHY then is it that none of the presidential candidates for elections 2023 discussed how they would bring about either a Federal or Confederal arrangement? For, unless it is either of those two options, there would be no change, thus, the miseries, insecurities and foundational instability would continue and likely Nigeria would finally crash out (even violently).

Pre-election polls had shown that Obi had been the most popular presidential candidate because he represented change in the people’s mind, and “Change!” was what Nigerians craved. Since Obi stood for change, he was given the people’s Mandate, a Mandate for Change, not for same old same old Nigeria.

Obidients then trustingly did nothing much except for pinning their hopes on Obi. Why did they not ask questions? Why did they not use the known fact that only a Federation or Confederation would work for Nigeria?

In September 2022, NINAS, the body representing indigenous peoples had put out Ten Interrogatories, that is, ten key things that affect all Nigerians and that would remain unchanged if Nigeria’s dysfunctional constitutional arrangement brought about by the fraud called 1999 Constitution, remains.

If Obidients, and other Nigerians had examined these ten interrogatories, they would have seen that the 68-Item Exclusive List of the 1999 Constitution conclusively prevents any “Change!” happening at all.

Let us also consider that “Mandate” again, because in order to uncover truth and lies, and whether “Change” is possible, words must match actions. Obi’s words were that he would bring change and a “New Nigeria”.

His actions were provided in October 2022 at Arewa House where he was asked to stand up and give assurances to the Arewa people which would make them feel “safe and secure” with him.

Obi obliged by standing up and saying: “…I believe in, and defend the Constitution of Nigeria and will govern with the Constitution of Nigeria…” (Watch this video clip in the NOTES section).

Obi pledged to uphold and defend public enemy number one: the 1999 Constitution, a well-known Forgery and Fraud, whose Exclusive List prevents productivity and that entire Forged Instrument brings about an Apartheid-like Nigeria in favour of Arewa people at the expense of the South and Middle Belt.

Here we see the importance of checking if words match actions! Which “New Nigeria” would then be possible under the unitary Fraud of 1999 (i.e. Constitution) that Obi vows to uphold?

We also know from recent history that unless Nigeria is either a Federation or Confederation, no stable Nigeria is possible. For sure then, as long as Nigeria is kept unstable and unitary, no “New Nigeria” is possible, and no change from consumption to production is possible.

So, what can Obidients and those who want change do? They can get “Change”, but they will need to face facts, and that will show them the kind of intervention needed.

Here are those facts:

  • Nothing anybody including Obi says will make Nigeria STABLE unless it is Reconstructed as either a Federation or Confederation.
  • The 1999 Constitution is a forgery foisted upon Nigeria and its Exclusive List in particular ties up Nigerians, preventing productivity, and preventing change. (The NINAS Ten Interrogatories helps in seeing this.)

Intervention needed to bring change:

  1. The 1999 Constitution, being a forgery and a fraud, like all fraud, it is the source of the problem. Therefore, the first thing is to Reject that 1999 Constitution.
  2. Since Obi won those presidential elections, any Rerun election is pointless – except it is to provide new opportunities for rigging, and this time to totally cancel out Obi’s win. Therefore, Reject any Rerun election.
  3. Insist on your Mandate of “Change”. That calls for Renegotiation of unitary Nigeria, and Referendums. The Constitutional Force Majeure declared on 16 December 2020 making Nigeria a Disputed Project, provides the Right and the Power for this to be done.
  4. So as to have no vacuum, and no anarchy, there would be a time-bound period of Transitioning. This is the globally acceptable way of non-violently bringing change to a country like Nigeria that has a faulty constitutional order.

So Obidients, it is YOUR Mandate, your Mandate for change that is at stake. Will you allow it to be thrown away by the botched 2023 elections and the unreliable Elections Tribunal and any Rerun? Or, will you intervene by Rejecting the illegitimate 1999 Constitution that is the source of miseries, and is what has brought about this sorry state of affairs?

As for Peter Obi, he can still be your hero by ensuring he honours your Mandate: that means he would openly Reject that fraudulent 1999 Constitution and push for Transitioning to Renegotiate (ie change) Nigeria’s constitutional arrangement.

Ndidi Uwechue is a British citizen with Igbo heritage from the Lower Niger Bloc. She is a retired Metropolitan (London) Police Officer, she is a signatory to the Constitutional Force Majeure, and she writes from Abuja.


Video: Peter Obi Pledging Allegiance to the 1999 Constitution At Arewa House 2023 Presidential Campaign.

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