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Obidient movement holds ace to march 18 state elections ~ by Adim Chimezie Williams

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The obvious victory of HE Mr. Peter Obi of LP in the Feb. 25 presidential election propelled by the ubiquitous Obidient Movement has set other parties for the March 18 State Elections into panic mode. All around the country, candidates are either, begging, wooing or pacifying the Obidients in order to win. Without doubt the Obidient Movement is the dominant force in the forthcoming election.

Presently, Peter Obi is the only presidential candidate who has the moral guts to campaign for his party candidates around the country. Even the “INEC winner” of the presidential election is shying away from campaigning for his party, not even in “his own” Lagos State where he claims lordship. Of course he knows he would be a liability, if not a nuisance to his party if he dares campaign.

From the foregoing, it is imperative for the Obidient movement to take full advantage of this opportunity to wrap up their victory in order to usher in a new Nigeria where things will work and where government will be accountable to the people rather than to a few greedy and self-serving politicians. Arise Obidients and finish up the race very strongly for the sake of our future and that of generations unborn.


Adim writes for Peter Obi Express Media, POEM.

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