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Obiano’s Aides embezzle Old People’s Monthly stipend while he looks on

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ObianoOne of the areas Mr. Peter Obi did well in terms of social security is the monthly payment to elderly people of above 75 years who are not pensioners nor have children

that take care of them.

The Programme was coordinated by Hon. Anthonia Tabansi. However Governor Willie Obiano [picture above] took it to the Ministry of Women Affairs, coordinated by his wife.

On leaving office, Obi paid them, 10 from each village, the sum of 5,000 Naira each. He left money that would take care of them for 2 years in the coffers. There is also enabling legislation on that. 

Since Obiano became governor, he paid them once and stopped. After many agitations and countless representation, Obiano released some money to pay them some of the arrears. He formed a Committee on the payment thus:

1. Prof. Asika (Chief of Staff) – Chairman

2. Willie Nwokolo (principal Secretary), member

3. Dr. Ibeziem (Bishop Ibeziem’s brother) Special Adviser, 

4. Primus Odili (SSA), member

5. Ben Obi, member

After so much complaint that the money released did not get to some of them, Gov. Obiano set up a probe Panel, headed by his Deputy Governor, Dr. Nkem Okeke.

The panel has since submitted their report, containing what each of the panel member stole and should be refunded as follows:

1. Prof. Asika (Chief of Staff Chairman) – stole 28 million Naira

2. Willie Nwokolo (principal Secretary), member, stole 25.1 Million Naira 

3. Dr. Ibeziem (Bishop Ibeziem’s brother, Special Adviser), 18 Million Naira

4. Primus Odili (SSA), member, stole 11 million Naira 

5. Ben Obi, member, 11 Million Naira.

Since those affected are his closest aides, Willie has done something: he is sitting on the outcome of a probe panel constituted by him.

Tony Umeh

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