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Obiano Declares Full-Scale War against Peter Obi 

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peter obi,obianoInformation reaching us is that Gov. Willie Obiano has declared full scale war against the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi. 

In a meeting convoked by his Chief of Staff, Prof. Joseph Azike, he read the riot acts by charging his information handlers led by the Enugu-born Mr. James Eze to go all out to attack Obi.

In his report, James requested increased remuneration of 40 boys that work for them on the net. He also requested making available to them all the dirty deals of Obi to use to nail him down. 

He requested that Ifeanyi Afuba, Ejike Anyaduba and Joseph Anarado be invited to the meeting to hear the charge first hand. He also said it would be nice to invite some trusted on-line friends like Emeka Odionu and Ezechukwu since, according to him, they complain of inadequate information.

The Chief of Staff thanked Eze for his observations, but reminded him that he would not expect him to sit with the likes of Odionu, those he did not know personally and be talking how to deal with Obi, that he expected James to liaise with them on their level and tell them what to do without letting them know it is official government decision. 

He also mandated him to increase his internet boys (e-rats), from 40 to 100 with 20,000 added to their monthly “bundle money”, as they call it.

The Chief of Staff said he was not satisfied with Ifeanyi Aniagoh and other Executive Assistants, but James explained to him that IFEANYI is very valuable since he uses many pseudo accounts.

The chief of staff who said that Obiano himself was ready with funding for the project, said that a good example of how Obiano feels about Obi was the rejection of the invitation to attend the 1st anniversary of Prof. Dora Akunyili because Obi will be the guest lecturer. 

“Gentlemen, if you do not know the event of 5th at Awka, which will culminate in the re-naming of the Women Development Centre was to dim the one on the 4th. 

“In fact we begged him to even approve that somebody should represent him at Enugu”, Azike said. He encouraged them to emulate Emeka Asoanya and Onyeka Mbaso in the fight. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Willie Obiano is reaching out and is personally recruiting those he believes will help throw darts at Obi for wands. 

He has reached out to former Gov. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, who is ready to talk provided he is adequately settled. He reached out to people Like Dr. Ezeife. 

The no-nonsense politician noted for his pan-Igbo credentials told him it was childish and that Igbos must not fight one another inside and hope to defend themselves outside. 

Some of the elders of the State confirmed that Ezeife had reached out to them on making peace.

In fact Ezeife told him that he must embrace Obi and work harmoniously with him for the progress of Anambra State if he must hope for a second term. 

He was the one who asked him to place advert for Obi on his 54th birthday saying, even if you are not working with him, let it seem as if you are doing so.

On the suggestion to employ Egbuna Amuta of the ABS to produce more films, the Chief of Staff said that Gov. Willie was against that, having observed, according to him, that the two they produced in the past yielded nothing in spite of the heavy amount spent.

Obiano has also invited leaders of various youth groups, Ohaneze, Igbo leaders of thoughts on how to battle Obi. His argument is that when Ngige was Governor, Chris Ubah did not enter Anambra, under Ohakim, Umenwa did not enter Imo, under Chimaroke Nnamani, Nwobodo did not enter Enugu, while should Obi be coming to Anambra, attending events as he wished and be visiting schools.  

He also enlisted the support of Some Igwes. 

The frightened Igwe Kris Onyekwuluje of Umunya. The Igwe was confused at what Obiano told him. Using his good judgement, the Igwe instead is rallying other Igwes to settle the problem.

Tony Umeh

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