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NOPRIN, blackmail of senior police officers & quest for foreign grant [2]

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Okechukwu Nwaguma,noprinA study carried out by a group of Information Management Experts on the current attacks on ICPC and Okiro by fictitious coalition groups and NGOs’ in Lagos

axis showed clearly that Okechukwu Nwaguma is behind them all. For instance, after the ICPC report that exonerated Okiro of wrong doing, a dubious coalition called CSNAC owned by Nwaguma that operate in similar manner with NOPRIN, called for Okiro’s resignation on August 14, 2015.  

Two days later, Nwaguma directed his attack on ICPC by deploying a doubtful NGO, Access to Justice in partnership with NOPRIN purely to deceive Nigerians into believing that many CSOs and NGOs are against ICPC’s report. The latest in Nwaguma’s deception is the petition he sent to Presidential Advisory Council on Anti-Corruption, demanding for the prosecution of Okiro and recalling of Aaron Kaase who was suspended by PSC for gross misconduct in accordance with the civil service rule. 

This time around, Nwaguma substituted Access to Justice with CSNAC, and partnered it with NOPRIN to send in his petition, believing that he is dealing with unintelligent Nigerians. For avoidance of doubt, Aaron Kaase was suspended by PSC after he was arraigned in court for allegedly duping someone of N1million on the pretext that he will secure United States of America’s visa for the fellow, and he was remanded in Kuje prison on the 15th of May 2015. Kaase’s arraignment in court was reported by Vanguard newspaper of May16, 2015 with this caption, PSC: Protocol Officer Arraigned for Cheating. Leadership newspaper had similar story on page 8 of May 16, 2015 edition.

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NOPRIN, incessant blackmail of senior police officers & quest for foreign grant [1]

Before the attacks on Okiro, Nwaguma had joined issue with the then chairman of PSC, Rtd. Deputy Inspector General of Police [DIG] Parry Osayande for exonerating AIG Bala Hassan of any wrong doing over the petition he, Nwaguma wrote against Bala.  Nwaguma had alleged in his petition that when Hassan was the Commissioner of Police in Rivers State, he sold a car belonging to his cousin, Augustine Okpara, whose car was seized as result of his alleged involvement in 419 activities in the State. 

Were it not for Punch newspaper, the public would not have known of Okpara’s dismissal from the police, as Saharareporters.com, Nwaguma deploys to assassinate the character of Nigerians, did not even allow AIG Bala Hassan to state his own side of the matter after publishing Nwaguma’s position. Incidentally, Okpara was a course mate of Bala Hassan in Police College and he feels Bala should pay for being successful in the police force. 

In any case, Okpara was shown the way out of the police for stealing, a fact AIG Bala disclosed to Punch newspaper while reacting to Nwaguma’s base accusation. Nwaguma did not spear the then IGP, Mohammed Abubakar in the serial attacks on the persons of police officers.    

The hatred displayed by Nwaguma when it comes to senior police officers assumed a fixation dimension when in reacting to Ben Okezie’s article on the 18th of April 2014, in the Police, DSS Tango on Oyerinde’s murder. Okezie in the article was only trying to explain the constitutional roles of both the DSS and the Police in relation to Oyerinde’s murder investigation and related matters. Here is extract of what Okezie said:

“The committee sited the position of the Attorney General of the federation who noted in a memo to the committee that having examined the state security service Act, Cap.N.74 LFN 2004 and the powers of the Nigeria police as provided by section 4 of the Police as Act Cap 19 LFN, 2004,”the power to investigate crimes of the nature under consideration (murder) resides with the Nigeria police while the power to gather intelligence lies with the State security Service (SSS).

In reacting to Okezie’s write-up, Nwaguma veered off the issue on ground to attack Okiro’s person. Hear him: — “He once wrote gibberish in defense of Mr. Mike Okiro and in reaction to a publication of NOPRIN’s report to the Senate in which NOPRIN outlined four main grounds of objection to Okiro’s nomination by President Jonathan as chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC). We found Mr. Okezie’s attack on NOPRIN in his publication as devoid of logic and too petty to be responded to- and we never bothered to dignify him with any response.”

One can now see the workings of Nwaguma’s mind when it comes to police institution and officers, in relation to his reform agenda. 

While calling for the sack of the service chiefs on April 10, 2015, upon President Muhammadu Buhari’s victory, Nwaguma described Suleiman Abba as corrupt and unsuitable for the job in the first place. Report has this to say about NOPRIN:–According to PM news, the organization listed several sins against Abba including human rights abuse and corruption while saying the entire security system has been politicized–. The list of Nwaguma’s NOPRIN attacks on the police as an institution is endless. The question remains, has Nwaguma been able to secure foreign grant for NOPRIN since he started this campaign?

This writer wishes to urge the relevant police authorities to investigate how NOPRIN was registered with CAC. The police should also find out if diligent background check was done on the promoters of NOPRIN before registration, because any group that believes in true reform of the police as an institution, should not make assassination of the character of senior police officers its cardinal priority. Destroying the integrity of police officers should not be the key object clause of NOPRIN if truly the organization exists and is dully registered with CAC.

Emeka Oraetoka, an Information Management Consultant & Researcher wrote in from Abuja; e-mail: oramekllis@lycos.com, 08056031187

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