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No Potable/Drinking Water in Kodayi Community, Nasarawa

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waterKodayi Community located at New Karu, Nasarawa, 50 kilometers away from Abuja; the capital city of Nigeria, with over 500 inhabitants has no water to drink.

The inhabitants drink water from a dirty pond which serves as their only source of water.

The water scarcity in the Community is similar to that of many communities Arm of Hope Foundation has visited and has discovered a huge number of remote community residents do not have drinking water, hence they resort to drinking water from dirty ponds, stream and well.

On the 26th day of August, 2015 Arm of Hope visited Kodayi community to carry out a survey and ascertain the nature of water scarcity in the community having received several calls from the community inhabitants complaining about their hardships and diseases contracted arising from drinking unclean water from pond.

Tanko Garta, the community chief (Mai Angwa) bemoaned the scarcity of water in the community, the community had suffered lack of water since it was founded by the four father centuries ago and was excited to receive our team in the community regarding their effort to provide the inhabitants with potable water, we have suffered lack of water in this community, there is no hope of getting clean water in this community he told Arm of Hope team.

Kodayi community depends on pond and now that the pond is polluted by dirty water that flows into it and animals that drink from it, it is difficult for us to get clean water and we have no option but to drink from pond Tanko Garta said.

Mr. Philip Amos and Emmanuel Yahaya, inhabitants of Kodayi community expressed dissatisfaction with the situation and called for urgent intervention otherwise many of the inhabitants will keep dying from diseases contracted as a result of the bad water. We do not have any other source of water; the only water we drink is from this pond they said.

When Arm of Hope sought the response of the community inhabitants regarding the lack of water in the community, we have suffered the lack of water for centuries. Our problem is not only water; we do not have hospitals and schools they said.

Mr. Philip Amos, Arm of Hope Volunteer living in the community said, Robo Kupi, died of bleeding after she gave birth to her daughter Josephine Robo. This happened because there is no hospital in the community.

Annually, Arm of Hope selects remote communities to implement borehole water projects, but due to the paucity of funds we appeal for your support.

Our team would be honoured to have your support in order to give borehole water to Kodayi community.

Shown here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIAl7GOxP34 showing the water scarcity situation in Kodayi community.  

To give your support please visit http://www.armofhopeng.org/support  

Liberty Oseni

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