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Nigerians slam Murray-Bruce over #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira calls while his children are abroad


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Nigerians have lambasted Senator Ben Murray-Bruce over #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira post on “X” (formerly Twitter) while his children live large abroad.

Taking to his “X” handle, @benmurraybruce, Senator Murray-Bruce had written:

“The Naira is finding its proper and natural value because the Central Bank of Nigeria has stopped the practice of defending the Naira with $1.5 billion monthly.

“If you want the Naira to rise, don’t come on social media to vent. Instead, it would be best if you now defended the Naira by coming on social media with Glo data… coming to Silverbird Cinemas to watch Nollywood movies… shifting from Manchester United and Real Madrid to Enyimba FC and Kano Pillars… eating Dangote spaghetti and washing it down with Chivita juice, and flying home for Christmas and New Year with Air Peace.

“Only when we #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira will the Naira appreciate, not when we come on social media to vent.”

Nigerians react:

Teddy Ezeike @TEzeike:

“Excuse me Sir, you are blaming the victims ? That’s what you’re doing here!

1. No one was defending Naira every month with $1.5b ! It is a big lie !!

2. I don’t get what you mean by Glo data? Are there foreign data providers in Nigeria ? The reality is that NITEL remains the backbone of all data and international traffic in Nigeria. Besides MTN, AIRTEL etc are largely owned by local Nigerian investors ! This is the stupidest assertion ever !!

3. Ok watching movies at Silverbirds ..lol ..Even if Nollywood is watched in Netflix or DSTV ..the bottom line is the what royalties are paid to the producers/actors who are Nigerians. Btw Silver-bird imported all the equipment for their studios etc in US dollars !

4. On watching Nigerian leagues instead of Local leagues ? I don’t know what to say because kiosks that offer televised matches in Nigeria collect Naira ..I have not seen anyone paying in dollars in any beer parlour that televises matches ! Perhaps people like Mr. Bruce jet out to England every weekend to watch matches !! Btw is local league a business ? Why not make it one !!

5. On flying Airpeace …this one is the most ridiculous indeed ! Is airpeace or any other Nigerian carriers allowed to fly into foreign routes ? Is that the problem of local carriers or idiocy of the government to have a conducive business like agreements based on reciprocity? This one is FAT stupid from Mr. Ben

“How to stop Naira plunge:

1. Stop the madness of government exchange rate ..whether A&E or whatever window NOW and excess demand due to ROUND TRIPPING will dry up immediately !

2. Allow those that have dollars to deposit , withdraw or exchange as they like within the banking system WITH NO LIMIT OR RESTRICTIONS and no report to EFCC or legal repercussion say in the next 2-3 years.

“With these, including CBN policies and bold actions as per price stability, Naira will stabilise and will find its natural value.”

Prof. Saint Collins @CosagieSaint:

“Why didn’t you encourage the National Assembly members who are interested in purchasing SUVs for over 100 million to consider Innoson Motors? Instead of directing this advice to Nigerians on social media, why not engage with your colleagues in the National Assembly?”

Kotosia @Kotosiafaze:

“Meanwhile Nigerian government can’t drive Innoson ? Nigeria Government can spend outrageous amount on hotel and strippers , shame on you Mr Ben!”

Kaykay @Kay_kay4u:

“If you also want Naira to rise, don’t come on social media and tell us what to do while your children are abroad. Bring them home let them use Glo and watch Silver bird Cinemas.”

That Naija Guy™ @ThatNaijaGuy001:

“When will you stop these deceits Mr Ben? You buy most of your cars abroad but come to social media to deceive the people with #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira, and try to gaslight those calling out you wicked, and insensitive and senseless Nigerian politicians.”

Tobi Akinbo J. @realTobiAkinbo:

“Lamba continue, before you take this post serious, remember Ben Bruce is a showbiz and media business man, this is a pure PR job. He’s not using made in Nigeria products hope you know.”

Iv @onechucx:

“Whatever revenue silverbird and glo are making today is the best they can make in the current era, the argument would have made a point if people were buying Verizon data alternatively or flying out just for movies at Reels Cinema in UAE. Except glo data is taking the place of food; no amount of it will equate the amount of money spent on those SUVs at NASS and then hotels bills spent in New York at the UNGA. Let’s stop being insensitive to the plight of the people and tell the regime to please stop the wasteful spending. We didn’t sacrifice our funds at the petrol station for it to be wasted in 2 weeks at Abuja.”

Keny David @KennyNuga:

“On point Sir.

We have to start valuing our educational institutions and reduce Japa syndrome.

We have to start refining our own crude oil to produce petrol , gasoline, lubricants etc

We have to start using our own Hospitals and Clinics and avoid foreign medical trips .

We also need to promote our tourist centers while we make our cities safe for foreigners to come in.

Insecurities , Kidnappings, Scamming, Drug addiction and all sort of illicit acts must be curtailed to promote our currency and build the trust of Investors.”

Me @kingofsinging:

“Don’t forget that the politicians should continue using their political powers to forcefully collect all the forex in the central bank to use to bribe delegates to vote for them.”

Erhunmwunse ehis @ErhunsFadani:

“Mr Ben Bruce, you are a hypocrite and the God of Justice will visit you all political thieves with your recompense soon.”


“But his children are not here to use the Glo and MTN data to stabilise the Naira? Make una dey think ooo. They always blame the masses while their friends and families live affluent life abroad and uses made in German or Japan cars.”

LAAHmeansBusiness @welaah26:

“The irony of it all is that he and his goons that were govt officials and those still serving are found wanting in aligning with your submission.”

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