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Nigerian lady who slept with dogs commit suicide


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A Nigerian lady simply identified as Kemi, has allegedly taken her life after an interview she granted recounting how she used to have sex with dogs went viral.

Kemi made headlines recently when she appeared on a podcast where she spoke of how she was sexually molested by family members and that turned her into a nymphomaniac.

According to Kemi, she became so sexually insatiable that she had to get two dogs to perform oral sex on her.

In the interview, Nike whose face was covered for privacy’s sake, said, ‘’Sometimes I will just feel horny. Then I went to buy a dog. Even when I was in school. In my room I will have to lock my room and start using finger on myself. Up till now, I am still feeling it to a point I have to get myself two dogs. I will just sleep my bed, open my laps and I will call the dog to start licking it.

“The problem is after doing this is that I will start crying and start asking myself why am I even doing this. I will start cursing myself. Sometimes I don’t even want to have sex with any man.”

Many found the story incredulous and flooded the comments section with their belief that the story was cooked up.

Actress Biola Adebayo who interviewed the lady has returned to social media to announce that the lady took her own life after the story went viral.

In a video on her page, she lamented that she tried to contact her without success until her friend reached her with the information that Kemi ingested poison and died.

She shared a note Kemi left behind.

In the note, she stated that she was thankful she had the opportunity to share her story as she wouldn’t be ‘going’ with her pain and sorry. She stated that she forgave her mum despite failing in her motherly duty towards her.

Actress Biola lamented the death of Kemi in a video she posted on her social media

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